Breastfeeding at Disney World can be a challenge to say the least. There are some mothers who are breastfeeding that try to be home at certain times to breastfeed. When you are out at Disney World, most people cannot run to their house, obviously. Even getting to the hotel can be a substantial hassle. The following are tips on how to cope with breastfeeding while at Disney World should help you breastfeed successfully at Disney.Breastfeeding at Disney World - Everything you need to know

Go to the nursing room at the baby care center

Disney World has instituted a wonderful place called the baby care center. They have a variety of helpful items for babies such as an easy place to change the baby. They also have a nursing room. Women can go in and nurse in private or with other nursing mothers. This is perfect for many women who are uncomfortable with nursing in public. The rooms are comfortable and they have a rocking chair. There is no charge for using the room and you can use them for as long as you want and as many times as you want. All of the Disney Theme parks in Orlando have such a feature. Also, if you want to express breast milk, you can do that in there as well.

There are four baby care centers in Disney World, one of each of the four main parks.

  • Magic Kingdom: Located next to the First Aid Station, between Casey’s and The Crystal Palace.
  • Animal Kingdom: Located on the left side of the Tree of Life, inside the building right before you cross the bridge into Africa.
  • Epcot: Located inside the Odyssey Center, between Test Track and the Showcase Plaza.
  • Disney Studios: Located inside Guest Relations, near the main entrance to the park.
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Also in the baby care center is a changing room with tables and a unisex bathroom, a feeding area with highchairs, a kitchen with microwave, oven and sink.

There’s also a little store inside offering formula, baby food, juice, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, over-the-counter medications and clothing for purchase

Wear nursing clothes

There are many wonderful nursing clothes, which allow you to easily breastfeed in public without showing anything. These outfits have hidden openings, and often with the baby pressed against you, even people nearby might not be able to tell. They have many different styles of breastfeeding clothes and they come in all types of outfits such as shirts, dresses, tank tops and more. You can find some of these at stores such as Motherhood, which is a maternity store in many malls. Also, you can buy these at a variety of online sources such H&M and Chloe.

Use another item to help cover yourself

They sell a wide variety of nursing shawls, which can also make it easier to breastfeed without showing anything. Some of them cover just the front, while others go all around you. Some of them are rather stylish, and people might not even realize that they are a nursing shawl and not just a regular shawl. In fact, you could just use a regular shawl ñ just make sure that the baby is getting enough air. Also, there are other innovative products such as hats that go over the baby and cover up where you are nursing. Of course, a blanket could work as well. I found lots of super cute Disney themed nursing cover ups on Etsy.

Minnie Mouse coverup for nursing

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Minnie Mouse Nursing cover up

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Know that you have the right to breastfeed

Florida law allows a woman to breastfeed in any place that she otherwise has a right to be. No one can tell you to stop or to go to the bathroom. It is a natural and wonderful thing you are doing for your baby. Realizing this might help you be more comfortable while breastfeeding at Disney World.

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Nurse during a show

There are lots of shows that are long enough to nurse during. You can attempt to plan your day around when you need to nurse and plan to be in a show during that time.

At the Animal Kingdom the Festival of the Lion King show is long, but the Nemo musical show is even longer. Both are excellent opportunities and on opposite sides of the park, allowing you to plan each during a different part of the day.

The Magic Kingdom has the Country Bear Jamboree, which I would never recommend going to, but if you need to nurse it’s great. Mickey’s Philharmonic would be good too.

At Disney Studios there are a few shows that will work like the Indiana Jones show, Beauty and the Beast musical, and the Little Mermaid show.

I hope these Disney World breastfeeding tips help. The first time I took my kids to Disney World my youngest child was still nursing. These were some of the things that helped me get through each of the parks the most.

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