Bring Your Own Food into Disney WorldBring Your Own Food into Disney World

Did you know that you are allowed to bring food into Disney World? That’s right, you can take your own food into all Disney Parks.

Bringing your own food to Disney is an awesome and easy way to save money. Plus, if you have a kid with food allergies you can have the peace of mind knowing exactly what they are eating at all times! Although allergies at Disney is not that bad since they do such a good job managing it.

The first few times we visited we were unsure whether or not you could bring in your own food until we ask someone in the park that worked there. The cast member we ask was super helpful and since then we have been saving loads of money every time we go.

Here’s what you need to know about taking food into Disney:

  • Soft sided coolers are allowed in all Disney Parks.
  • Hard sided coolers are allowed in Disney water parks only.
  • No glass allowed.
  • There is a Super Wal-Mart and a Super Target near Disney World where you can get whatever you need.
  • All rooms at Disney Hotels have a small fringe, microwave, and coffee maker.
  • There are many grocery delivering options available in Orlando.

Suggested foods to take to Disney:

Cold Foods to take into Disney:

Yogurt sticks
Cheese sticks

Juice boxes
Pre-made sandwiches
Fruit cups

Room Temperature Foods for Disney:

Fruit and nut mix
Granola bars
Pop tarts
Fruit snacks


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Other random items we have taken into Disney Parks

  • Reusable coffee mug filled with coffee or even better use a hydroflask!
  • Drinks mixes – You can refill your water bottles all over any of these parks, but sometimes the water doesn’t taste good. The water at the Magic Kingdom tastes, especially bad for some reason. We refill our water bottles and then mix in a drink flavor packets and the problem is solved.  (Another tip – Any of the restaurants will give you a glass of ice water for free.)

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