Once you get the travel bug it is hard to shake, you just want to travel the world and see all the wonderful and vast things it has to offer. A lot of people will write a travel bucket list. This is where you write a list of all the places you want to visit and experiences you want to have while traveling and look to do them in your lifetime. Here are a few places you need to add to your bucket list to make it so much better. 

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

One of the first things you will want to add to your bucket list is to make sure you visit India to set your sights on the Taj Mahal. It is an incredible building with white smooth marble and showcasing semi-precious stones. It is certainly one of the most incredible and once-in-a-lifetime sights. The building is so amazing that when the sun is at different spots in the sky the building actually changes color. 

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Galapagos Islands

One of the most diverse and peculiar places on the planet is the Galapagos Islands. Home to all different types of animals that have evolved in strange ways just to be able to adapt to be able to survive living there. You will find lizards who swim and spit the sea salt out of their noses, blue-footed boobies, and giant tortoises. It is home to such rare forms of wildlife that it is the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection. If you still need convincing you can watch the documentary by David Attenborough which shows the beauty and amazing sights on the islands. 



One of the other things you can add to your travel bucket list is to make your favorite spot to visit a permanent choice for vacation. If you have found somewhere you absolutely adore and continue to go there regularly and take all the family then a great choice is to get a holiday home. So if you really love Penang you can look at Penang house rental opportunities then you can come and go as you please and it will be a lot cheaper and you won’t have to worry about accommodation. 



One of the things you won’t want to miss off your bucket list is to visit Peru, but not only to visit Peru but to trek to Machu Picchu. You can’t have a travel bucket list without this being on it really. You can hike there and see the Inca citadel. It is full of mystery and beauty and something to really take in to give you a new perspective on things. 

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

This is a common one but for good reason, travel to see the Northern Lights. They are beautiful and mesmerizing, a real show of natural beauties. You will see why people thought they were magical and you will certainly want to get some good pictures. Be sure to research it before you go as you can’t always guarantee they will be there but the experts have a pretty good idea and are able to predict when and where they will show up.

Great Barrier ReefGreat Barrier Reef

One thing you will want to add to your travel list and do it sooner rather than later is to visit the great barrier reef. It is full of natural beauty, colors, and animals. Due to pollution and other outside interferences, it is being affected in a negative way. It is still around for now so go and visit and you can see why it is something we need to protect and preserve. 

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For all of the real travel fans why not head over to Norway, Switzerland, Austria, or Finland. In these places, you can stay in a real-life igloo. It may sound crazy and extreme but with today’s modern life that has been amended to have all the amenities, you will need for your stay. You will still need to pack up layers to keep yourself protected, you are still going to be sleeping in ice after all.



Who doesn’t love a bit of mystery and cuteness? Why not travel to the Bahamas. There you can swim in crystal clear water with, wait for it, pigs. Yes, pigs! No one knows how they got there but they are a great tourist attraction and a great and peculiar picture to get. There are roughly 20 pigs. They potter around snack on the food they find and just enjoy their exotic life. 

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Great Wall of China

If you venture over to China you can see one of the most famous and bewildering finds that archaeologists found. The terracotta army. It is over 2000 years old and includes 8000 soldiers, 130 chariots, 520 horses, and 150 cavalry horses. It is certainly a haunting but incredible sight you will never forget. 

You can’t have a travel bucket list with another of the wonders that China has to offer. The great wall of China is something so popular and special and something you can visit and walk along. It is over 13000 miles long so unlikely you will be able to do all of it but you can still go for a little stroll to have the once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Consider taking a road trip to the secret spots in the world. There are so many tourist attractions and hot spots where people seem to flock to for one reason or another. So why not choose a different approach. Choose a route you are going to take and stop at small towns and villages on the way. Ones that don’t get a lot of tourists and see what things they have to offer. It could be a secret hidden gem that you will want to go back to visit again and again. Plus with no big tourist groups, you can appreciate it more and won’t have huge queues. 

All of these things are great additions to your bucket list for traveling. Seeing the world, embracing different cultures, and visiting the mysteries that life holds. It is something you certainly will not regret.

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