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Kids first day of school 2017

Kid’s first day of school 2017

For many of us, school is back in session. This means the kids are out of the house for most of the day, which is a great time to make a few adjustments around the house.

As a single mom of three, I’m always looking for ways to cut down on my household expenses and to create routines that make our lives easier.

When you’re on the go, it can be difficult to stay organized, on top of everything else. When life gets super busy, finding ways to cut costs and save time can be a lifesaver. Here is a busy mom’s guide to making your life easier.

Busy Mom’s Guide to Making Life Easier

Use your downtime to your advantage

We all have the same 24 hours, which means how we use them is what determines how productive we are. Whether it’s waiting in line at the store, or waiting for the oven to preheat, there are tons of ways you can use your downtime. While you are doing a mindless task call the insurance, cable, and even the power bill providers and find out how you can lower your rates. These extra minutes of your time can save you hundreds, and all while you’re waiting.

Century Link Price for Life

Recently, I participated in a connected home experience and now I have Price for Life internet. I got the same price for my internet for life from CenturyLink with no contract, no bundling, no rate hikes and no promotional pricing. Internet is a big deal in our house with four of us using it all the time and Noah has begun live streaming on his YouTube channel!

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Make a meal plan

Nothing will stress you out more than not knowing what you’re making for dinner each night. Your time is precious, and you will waste tons of it just trying to figure out what to make each night without a plan. Save yourself time and money by making a weekly or monthly meal plan. Meal planning will allow you to buy only what you need, and save time by letting you prepare for your dinners in advance. During the school year I utilize my crockpot constantly which is why I have so many crockpot recipes on here!

Find a home for everything

We spend hours each week cleaning up our homes and trying to maintain some sort of order. While the kids are out of the house, take this time to organize the belongings in your home. Everything in your home should have a home of its own. This includes toys, clothes, and even your keys. This little step now will save you time later. Your home will stay tidy longer, and you won’t have to worry about a clutter filled home.

One way to keep things cleaner is to get rid of stuff. Local food drives are a great way to clean out your pantry. Did you know the CenturyLink Backpack Buddies Food Drive sends home nutritious meals with at-risk children, ensuring they have the food they need on weekends and during school breaks, when they don’t have access to school food programs?

Prepare for the morning the night before

Mornings are probably the most hectic time in your home. Start by making an evening routine to help you better prepare for the morning. Pack your child’s lunch the night before, lay out your clothes for the following day or even the week, and even set your bags by the door. This will help you have a leg up on the morning ahead, and you will feel better prepared for the day.

Get some shopping done alone

Kids have a tendency to ruin any will power we have while in the store. Whether it’s just a trip to the grocery store, or a trip across town, try and get as much shopping done while they are away. This will help you spend less time at the store, and help you focus on buying only what you need. Shopping by yourself will make it a lot easier to avoid impulse buys and other distractions at the store.

I tend to order groceries online and pick them up the next morning after the kids are at school.

While your kids are in school, you have a limited time to get everything done before they come home. By using this time to your advantage, you can implement ways to not only save you time, but also money as well!