22 08, 2023

Most Impressive Fortresses and Castles in Romania

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Romania, tucked away in Eastern Europe, has a fascinating history that is adorned with numerous, well-preserved medieval castles and fortresses. These architectural wonders stand as a testament to the country's rich history and give tourists the chance to travel back

21 06, 2021

How to Spend a Relaxing Weekend at the Danube Delta

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Romania is a must-see destination, and what better way to unwind while you're there than by visiting the Danube Delta? Boasting some of Europe's most pristine nature reserves, it presents an unforgettable opportunity for outdoor adventurers. From spotting rare bird

3 12, 2020

Train from Budapest, Hungary to Sibiu, Romania

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If flying isn't your thing, or, like me, you're traveling Europe with a dog, trains are an excellent option! Not only do trains cut down on your carbon footprint while traveling, but there's something romantic about a long train ride

16 06, 2020

stuck abroad during the 2020 lockdown

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I never expected to become stranded in Transilvania - in Romania at all, for that matter.  When most Westerners think of Transilvania, their minds imagine a place dark, haunted, and sheathed in isolated wilderness.  Perhaps also conjuring up images of

12 06, 2020

26 Things to Know Before moving to Romania

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Romania is a seriously beautiful, highly underrated country in the Balkans. Its natural beauty, friendly people, affordability, and high-quality internet speeds make it an excellent option for moving to Europe - particularly for Digital Nomads or remote workers. Here's an

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