22 05, 2019

15 Incredible Family Vacations

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Do you want to plan a trip that the whole family will enjoy, even the teenagers? Let's face it, the easiest way to make any family vacation successful is to keep the kids happy! To get an idea of what

31 10, 2018

10 Day Family Vacation to Halkidiki, Greece

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After spending two weeks in Halkidiki with my kids, I cannot recommend visiting there highly enough. From the first day to the last day we had a wonderful experience. In order for you to recreate our trip I have put together

7 09, 2018

3 Days in Santorini Greece on a Budget

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Santorini is spectacular! It is what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption long ago destroyed the earliest settlements on a single island, and created today's geological caldera. It is possible to visit Santorini, Greece on a budget or splurge and

11 08, 2018

Agionissi Resort a Peaceful Retreat on Amouliani Island

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Agionissi Resort on Amouliani Island is Halkidiki's best kept secret. Keep reading to find out why your family will adore Agionissi Resort. Our favorite resort in Halkidiki is Agionissi Resort. It's so private it makes you feel like you are

6 08, 2018

16 Must Try Greek Foods and Drinks in Greece

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One of the best parts of visiting Greece is the amazing Greek food and drinks. The food in Greece is rich and fresh. Not to mention how unique the drinks are there. We were in Greece a little over two

28 07, 2018

Alexander the Great Beach Hotel in Halkidiki, Greece

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The beach in front of Alexander the Great Beach Hotel Alexander the Great Beach Hotel Alexander the Great Beach Hotel is a family friendly hotel in Halkidiki situated right on a Blue Flag beach. Our family was hosted