22 08, 2013

Why Kids Need An Annual Eye Exam

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Why Kids Need An Annual Eye Exam As you get your children ready to go back to school, don’t forget that getting them an annual comprehensive eye exam. I say this, because I learned the hard way. My daughter was

2 11, 2010

Parenting tip – the 1 minute drill

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Motivating young children to clean up can be extremely difficult. After trying lots of various things to get them cleaning, I've come up with the One Minute Drill. One Minute Drill The one minute drill has become a staple at

29 10, 2010

Ways Kids Can Earn Money

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Giving your children the opportunity to make their own money is a great way to help them learn sound money management skills. Proper money management skills are something every child can benefit from learning and the best way to develop

1 10, 2009

Memorize scriptures

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Since becoming a mom my brain is always completely scrambled it seems. I have a harder time remembering things. I used to have what I considered a really good memory, but I would not dare make that claim these days!My