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2 06, 2015

Panasonic – Home Surveillance System

2020-08-24T09:23:22-05:00By |Categories: Product Reviews, Technology, travel gear, travel products|0 Comments

Panasonic sent me their Home Surveillance System KX-HN6002 and I must say I was thrilled. The ability to check on my house from anywhere in the world is awesome!  We used to have a security system, but didn't like having

17 05, 2015

Panasonic A500 a Wearable 4K Video Camera

2017-12-18T15:52:32-06:00By |Categories: Product Reviews, Review, Technology|Tags: |4 Comments

The A500 a wearable 4k video camera by Panasonic is pretty much my new favorite thing. I mean I'm not Oprah, but I'm thinking I'm gonna start doing a list of my favorite things too. In fact I'll even give

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