23 11, 2022

Best Laptops for Travelers

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Whether I'm traveling for an extended period of time and have work to do, or simply want to bring a laptop along for when I'm feeling inspired to write, there are a few important qualities that stand out when it

17 01, 2021

22 Best Destinations for Digital Nomads

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Let's face it, we all dream of being 'permanent vacationers'. And while the digital nomad lifestyle certainly isn't always a vacation (there is actual work involved!), it does allow us to travel the world and experience new and exciting cultures.

12 06, 2020

26 Things to Know Before moving to Romania

2023-04-20T13:02:41-05:00By |Categories: Living & Working Abroad, Romania|5 Comments

Romania is a seriously beautiful, highly underrated country in the Balkans. Its natural beauty, friendly people, affordability, and high-quality internet speeds make it an excellent option for moving to Europe - particularly for Digital Nomads or remote workers. Here's an

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