22 02, 2022

15 Beautiful Medieval Towns in Europe

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One of the main things that draws tourists from around the world to the European continent is the dense concentration of stunning and perfectly-preserved medieval towns and cities. Particularly for people like me, an American, where we have no such

14 02, 2021

20 Incredible Spring Celebrations Around the World

2022-11-25T02:36:26-06:00By |Categories: multi-destination|4 Comments

Spring is a magical time of the year, when the cycles of birth and regrowth begin, and the world comes back to life. Countries and cultures around the world have been celebrating the emergence of spring since ancient times, each

17 01, 2021

22 Best Destinations for Digital Nomads

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Let's face it, we all dream of being 'permanent vacationers'. And while the digital nomad lifestyle certainly isn't always a vacation (there is actual work involved!), it does allow us to travel the world and experience new and exciting cultures.

18 03, 2020

30 Tourist Hot Spots Around the World & Where To Go Instead

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Let's face it - none of us are about to head out on a trip any time soon. Most of us aren't even going to leave our houses any time soon. BUT, I'm sure there are many out there who

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