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13 02, 2023

17 Exquisite Restaurants for a Romantic Anniversary Dinner in Portland

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Do you have a big night out coming up and need somewhere swanky to go out to eat? I've had the pleasure of dining all over Portland and the surrounding cities, so when my friend ask me where she and

26 10, 2022

Top 13 Things to do in Newport, Oregon with Kids

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Newport, Oregon is a sleepy little beach town on the Oregon coast with lots of things to do. Some activities here happen to be much better than others! After spending spring break in Newport here are what our family considered

29 06, 2022

11 Best Dude Ranches for Families

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Searching for a bucket list family trip? Consider looking into a dude ranch. From horseback riding and roping lessons to mountain biking and fly-fishing, the ultimate playground awaits you on a dude ranch.  But the ranches in our roundup don’t

23 04, 2022

14 Best Hikes for Kids in the Columbia River Gorge

2022-11-04T15:01:21-05:00By |Categories: Hiking, Mt. Hood, Oregon, Portland|Tags: , , |3 Comments

There are so many hikes out in the Scenic Columbia Gorge, the first scenic byway in the United States. I tried to google how many hikes are there in the Columbia Gorge and could not find an answer. Although I

23 05, 2021

Where to Stay in Portland, Oregon: 16 Unique Hotels

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The variety of places to stay in Portland is just as diverse as the Pacific Northwest city itself. From upscale to super hipster to hostels, they've got a little bit of everything. Recent years have brought a wave of hotels

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