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6 04, 2017

Tips for Flying with Children Internationally

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Flying internationally with kids is not horrible, but it certainly is not easy either. As I start to get us ready for our flight to Singapore I realized that others might benefit from knowing what I do to make things

25 04, 2016

International Travel Medical Insurance

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Most people don’t think about their medical coverage when planning a trip abroad. Between planning your itinerary, shopping for tickets, packing and making arrangements for the dog, there’s enough to think about. Plus, if you are like me you do

2 06, 2015

Panasonic – Home Surveillance System

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Panasonic sent me their Home Surveillance System KX-HN6002 and I must say I was thrilled. The ability to check on my house from anywhere in the world is awesome!  We used to have a security system, but didn't like having

14 12, 2014

Tech Products I Always Travel With

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There are certain tech products I always travel with. I guess you could call them my must have items! I know what you are thinking...That's a lot of tech stuff. Well, it is but we are a family of four and