These days there are thousands of travel products on the market, but which are the best and worth spending your money on. Here we share the travel products we use and like.

3 07, 2020

Top 10 Must-Have Items When Traveling With Kids

By |2020-07-03T19:34:27-07:00July 3rd, 2020|travel gear, travel products|1 Comment

For most parents, traveling with kids is a nightmare! Kids need lots of things but only a little of those you can carry. The goal is to travel as lightweight as possible and still have all the essential items on board.

6 04, 2017

Tips for Flying with Children Internationally

By |2019-06-27T19:40:22-07:00April 6th, 2017|travel essentials, travel gear, travel products, Travel Tips|2 Comments

Flying internationally with kids is not horrible, but it certainly is not easy either. As I start to get us ready for our flight to Singapore I realized that others might benefit from knowing what I do to make things

25 04, 2016

International Travel Medical Insurance

By |2018-11-29T14:19:40-08:00April 25th, 2016|travel essentials, travel products, Travel Tips|0 Comments

Most people don’t think about their medical coverage when planning a trip abroad. Between planning your itinerary, shopping for tickets, packing and making arrangements for the dog, there’s enough to think about. Plus, if you are like me you do

2 06, 2015

Panasonic – Home Surveillance System

By |2020-08-24T09:23:22-07:00June 2nd, 2015|Product Reviews, Technology, travel gear, travel products|0 Comments

Panasonic sent me their Home Surveillance System KX-HN6002 and I must say I was thrilled. The ability to check on my house from anywhere in the world is awesome!  We used to have a security system, but didn't like having

14 12, 2014

Tech Products I Always Travel With

By |2021-02-28T12:56:06-08:00December 14th, 2014|Product Reviews, Technology, travel essentials, travel gear, travel products, Travel Tips|0 Comments

There are certain tech products I always travel with. I guess you could call them my must-have items! I know what you are thinking...That's a lot of tech stuff. Well, it is but we are a family of four and

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