19 01, 2023

5 Essential Items to Pack in Your Carry-On When Traveling with Baby

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Air Travel is a convenient, fast, and economical way to get where you are going. However, there's nothing worse than being trapped in an airplane for several hours with a screaming baby, especially if that baby is your own! Flying

29 05, 2022

RV Capsule Wardrobe: Minimize Your Wardrobe, Maximize Your Space

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Part of RV living is embracing a minimalist lifestyle. With a motor home of more or less 270 square feet, you want to be selective of what goes inside your RV, and as much as possible, only stick to the

29 10, 2021

Ultimate Mexico Packing List for All-Inclusive Beach Vacation

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Over the years I have found myself in Mexico on multiple occasions, always a beach destination. I pack slightly different for Mexico than I do for other destinations. Typically we stay at an all-inclusive resort so we have a few

20 08, 2016

Pack This, Not That: 7 Tips for Packing Light

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Whether you are planning a short trip or a nice, long, well-deserved vacation, you can pack light and still have room for souvenirs. Below are some tips for packing light and making things a little bit easier on yourself. 7

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