When it comes to traveling most of the preparation and planning tends to be done by moms when they are going on a family vacation with children.

Thankfully, moms are now aided by their mobile devices to ensure they don’t miss important things off any of their itineraries. Data posted by Converse Digital revealed that 95% of moms own a cell phone, while 64% have a more expensive smartphone.

Cell Phone Travel Tips For Globetrotting Mommies

But, how can busy mommies leverage their mobile devices on their family trips? Read on below to find out important tips on how you can use your smartphone on your next vacation.

Planning your budget

Given that there are plenty of apps in use today for managing their money, it will help to use these for things such as budgeting family savings.

First, when thinking about your budget, you should consider how long you intend to stay in one place and if this is aligned with your overall savings.

Secondly, will this impact your family after the holiday? The last thing you want is for your vacation to have you scrimping and scraping upon your return, struggling to pay for groceries and bills. Simple tools such as innovative apps can help you with managing variables such as the aforementioned. Mint, Spendee, and Wally+ are easy to use and can help you budget for your next vacation.

Booking your trip and accommodation

Smartphones can be the perfect tool in booking your accommodation and trips, especially if you are planning to embark on an adventurous vacation overseas. According to TripAdvisor, 42% of travelers worldwide are considered ‘Connected Travelers,’ where they use their smartphones to plan and book a trip. With resources such as Booking.com, Hotels.com, and other one-stop-shop, travel websites, moms can quickly compare prices and book their chosen hotel, destination, trips and restaurants for their upcoming vacation.

“While booking travel via mobile is ultimately on the rise for all types of travelers, Connected Travelers are far more likely to see their smartphones as a booking device, both before a trip and while in-destination. Through travel apps, Connected Travelers are also finding their way around, looking for places to eat or things to do and reading reviews to make the best choice,” said TripAdvisor Sr. VP of global product Adam Medros.

Take photographic souvenirs

There’s no need to spend money buying local souvenirs, as you can create some on your smartphone. Today’s smartphones are now sporting powerful camera lenses that promise clear and crisp images, such as the iPhone 6 with its iSight camera. According to a published post by O2, the handset comes with “faster autofocus, 1080p HD video at 60 fps and slo-mo video at 240 fps” that produces superb image quality. Many Android premium handsets also produce high-quality images through their powerful camera such as the Xperia X that comes with a 23-megapixel lens. There are also apps that you can install to make your photo albums aesthetically presentable or printable:

  • Disney PhotoPass+
  • Souvenir: Photo albums by One Periodic
  • GrooveBook

An emergency tool

While smartphones are extremely useful for a myriad of different reasons, they are also very useful in emergencies. By taking pictures of trivial things such as your passports, you won’t have to carry the documentation with you at all times and risk losing them or having them stolen.

You can also store important numbers in case of an emergency overseas, such as your nation’s respective embassy, travel insurance provider, family and friends back home and much more. Just make sure, save them in your device’s directory or set them on speed dial. Lastly, install a security tool on your smartphone so you can quickly retrieve it in case it gets lost or stolen. Apps such as Find My Phone and Prey Anti-Theft can help you get more detailed information about the location of your device as well as an option to wipe important files on your phone.

Download A Reliable Money Transfer App

Financial transactions are essential on your travels, especially when you have family responsibilities or any emergencies back home. The last thing you want on such trips is to be unable to send money home for urgent family matters. That is why installing a reliable online money transfer app on your cell is necessary like Venmo or CashApp. Moreover, in an era dominated by digital advancements, your mobile phone will come in handy for such situations. For example, if you have family in Cancun, you can find a wide range of apps that transfer money to Mexico quickly and securely, with little to no fees at all.

How do use your smartphone and mobile devices in managing and planning your upcoming family vacation? Share your experiences with us below!

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