The Chandelier Bar inside the Cosmopolitan is unique and kind of fancy! The atmosphere is relaxed, yet hip at the same time. It is three levels inside the casino floor inclosed in jewels to make it look that you are sitting inside a chandelier. This bar gets a lot of hype and it’s deserved.

There is a live band every night performing on one of the levels. You can hear throughout the bar. The music is a compliment to the atmosphere and you can easily chat with friends without having to strain.

Chandelier Bar Cosmopolitan Hotel Casino
I don’t hang out at many bars. To be honest, having little kids means I rarely go out. But I do manage to get out occasionally and when I do this is one of the stops. If I have company in Las Vegas visiting me, I take tend to them them here. The Cosmopolitan is one of the newest hotels in town.

Chandelier Bar Cosmopolitan Hotel Casino
I took my friend Tiffany to the Chandelier bar when she was in town and we indulged in some interesting and surprisingly delightful martinis. I had the s’more martini and she he the Dragon fire martini. The little raspberries you see on the plate are suppose to make you breathe fire while you eat them. They didn’t work though.

S'more martini


We did not try any of their signature drinks. I guess I will have to go back. They have three of them:

  • Whiskey Business: This new twist on the Old Fashioned combines The Cosmopolitan’s barrel of Knob Creek bourbon with bitters, Amaro Meletti, and “Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll” syrup.
  • Finishing School: A floral mule of Ciroc Red Berry vodka served with strawberry rhubarb rose syrup, citrus, ginger beer and plum bitters.
  • We’re All Mad Here: An ode to Alice in Wonderland, this gin-based concoction starts blue but changes colors once blended, and is accompanied with an edible tag that makes your tongue tingle.

Secret Drink

Apparently they also have a secret drink called the Flower drink. I haven’t tried it, but from what I hear it is made with the Asian Verbena flower which makes your mouth numb.

Chandelier Bar Cosmopolitan Hotel Casino

Chandelier Bar Cosmopolitan Hotel Casino

From what I could tell the cheapest drink is $16.


Oddly enough the individual floors keep different hours and they all have their own menus!

  • Level 1: 24 Hours
  • Level 1.5: 6PM – 2AM
  • Level 2: 11AM – 4AM