During the academic year, most college students are cash-strapped and buried in homework. However, if you’ve been struck by a strong traveling desire and can’t wait until spring break or summer to plan a trip, now might be a good time to start. Forego the all-nighters and dining hall meals in exchange for some real-world experience and a party scene outside of the frat house! Here are several budget-friendly travel places around the world that you may visit while being a student. Can’t wait for your feedback.

1. BoliviaLake Titicaca Bolivia

Bolivia, despite its growing popularity among tourists, remains a budget-friendly location for college students. The plane ticket may be expensive depending on your departure location, but once you arrive, you’ll realize that you can afford many things on a low budget. If you are thrifty and plan ahead of time, transportation, food, booze, and lodging could all be less than $20 per day.

2. Costa RicaLa Roca Canyoning - Rappeling in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an amazing Central American destination for college students due to its low cost of living and cool adventure options. There are some incredibly cheap hostels and low-key Airbnb’s here, with some of them even offering free breakfast every morning. While traveling from the United States can get quite expensive, the Costa Rican currency rate will surprise you.

Because this is a touristic region, spend some time trying to understand the local businesses so you can easily avoid tourist traps. Local eating facilities are known as “sodas” sell traditional Costa Rican delicacies for a low price. To save money at the bars, go to the local grocery stores around your neighborhood. This is how you can load up on Costa Rican snacks and drinks at a cheap price.

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3. Panama City Beach, FloridaBay Point Resort Panama City Beach

Florida was always a popular spring break destination for college students until they banned drinking. Now the crowds are not so bad. You can also travel there during the off-season for lower pricing and less crowds? Book a plane ticket to Panama City in the winter, perhaps in November. The weather is good enough with sunshine every day, and the beaches are less crowded, and airline and hotel costs are low. During the off-season, seek beach vacation rental houses; you can get nightly bargains under $50 per night that are steps away from the sand.

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4. Niagara Falls, NYNiagara Falls

Pay a visit to Niagara Falls between New York and Ontario if you’re seeking breathtaking natural beauty close to home. There are several inexpensive hotels in Buffalo that you could book today; prices are always lower when you’re outside of the hectic summer tourist season. Walk across the US border for a lively evening atmosphere. Visiting the Canadian part is more fun than the US side!

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5. Thailand

Things to do in Phuket Thailand with Kids

Surin Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Thailand has long been popular among college students due to its diverse range of attractions. This is a terrific area to visit in the winter for some warm sunshine, and there are plenty of river adventure sports activities here; guiding companies offer all kinds of outdoor adventures. especially out in the islands. While traveling through Thailand, consider staying in a hostel with shared rooms and toilets to save money. This will be a better socializing experience anyways. With that said Thailand is incredibly affordable so I am sure you can get a private room at a great price too. 

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6. VietnamVietnam

Vietnam is another Asian country where you can travel for around $20 per day if you map out a structured plan. Although tourism in Vietnam has steadily increased until recently, it remains an affordable location with several backpacking choices for students. The country’s National Park is an excellent place to visit if you want to see sea turtles and other animals while walking around. You should also pay a visit to Con Dao Island!

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7. San Juan, Puerto Ricocemetery in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a great trip for American students since flights are short and inexpensive. Also, because Puerto Rico is in United States’ jurisdiction, you will not need any travel documents besides your driver’s license. San Juan features a variety of student-friendly hostels with nightly prices as low as $15. You’ll get the opportunity to meet other fellow students from around the world, as well as study Puerto Rico’s colorful party scene. Sipping on mojitos while dancing doesn’t sound bad, does it? Visit La Plaza del Mercado, a district filled with traditional eateries and local pubs. This a great place to enjoy Puerto Rican cuisine, people-watch, and search for drink discounts during happy hour.

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