This cherry 7 & 7 cocktail recipe that will knock your socks off. This cocktail is super easy to make and tastes fantastic.

7 & 7 cherry cocktail

Last month I celebrated national cherry month (February) with an assortment of cherry cocktails including a cherry 7 & 7. Why did I do this you may wonder? I don’t know. Why not! 

Okay, that was a lie. I didn’t even know there was a national cherry month. Why is there a month for everything now?

The truth is, I am trying to lay off the wine and champagne because of all the calories and during my search for a lower calorie drink I actually like I decided to experiment with different liqueur. Sadly, this drink is not low calorie like a vodka and soda or even a glass of wine which is typically around 130 calories. Oh well. But if you are looking for Seagrams seven and seven drink recipes then you are in luck, because this Seagrams 7 cherry recipe is great.

What is a 7 & 7?

A 7 & 7 is a highball cocktail, a mixed alcoholic drink containing Seagram’s Seven Crown and 7 Up that is around 207 calories. It is typically served with ice. Segram’s Seven Crown, the official name, is a blended American whiskey. With only two ingredients it is an easy drink to add other things you like to in order to create something new. 

Why cherry flavored?

But, I like my drinks to be cherry flavored just like my cake, so I started thinking about what I could do to make my 7 & 7 cocktail cherry flavored. I tried a few different things, but this one turned out the best. Depending on what kind of cherry liqueur you use and what kind of whiskey you end up using, this cocktail will be at least 238 calories. Although I failed completely at finding a lower calorie drink for myself, I did completely succeed in making myself an awesome new drink. How handy is that?!

For some reason I was looking up the definition of of a 7 & 7 cocktail on the Urban Dictionary. Here is what it said, I thought it was funny: “7&7: Novice Drinker’s Cocktail”. 

Cherry 7 & 7 Cocktail Recipe

Cherry 7 & 7 Ingredients:
3 maraschino cherries
Crushed Ice
1 oz. Seagrams 7
1 oz. Cherry Liqueur
6 oz. Cherry 7-Up®
Limes for garnish
Mint thinly diced for garnish

Cherry 7 & 7 Directions:

Add sliced cherries, lime slice, mint and ice into a Collins glass.

Pour Seagrams 7 and cherry liqueur over ice.

Pour Cherry 7-Up® over ice and stir.


7 & 7 Cherry Cocktail recipe

More Cherry Cocktail Recipes:

Both of these are lower calories than the main one here. In case that’s a concern.

Do you have a favorite whiskey or cherry drink? Leave it in the comments below. I am always on the hunt for something new and fun to drink. 

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