Cherry 7 & 7 Cocktail

Cherry 7 & 7 Cocktail

7 & 7 cherry cocktail

Last month I celebrated national cherry month (February) with an assortment of cherry cocktails including a cherry 7 & 7. Why did I do this you may wonder? I don’t know. Why not!

Okay, that was a lie. I am trying to lay off the wine and champagne because of all the calories and during my search for a lower calorie drink I actually like I decided to experiment with different liqueur. Sadly, this drink is not low calorie like a vodka and soda or even a glass of wine which is typically around 130 calories. Oh well. But if you are looking for Seagrams 7 recipes then you are in luck, because this one is great.

A 7 & 7 is a highball cocktail, a mixed alcoholic drink containing Seagram’s Seven Crown and 7 Up that is around 207 calories. It is typically served with ice. Segram’s Seven is a blended American whiskey.

But, I like my drinks to be cherry flavored just like my cake, so I started thinking about what I could do to make my 7 & 7 cocktail cherry flavored. I tried a few different things, but this one turned out the best. Depending on what kind of cherry liqueur you use this cocktail will be at least 238 calories. Although I failed completely at finding a lower calorie drink for myself, I did completely succeed and at making myself an awesome new drink.

For some reason I was looking up the definition of of a 7 & & cocktail on the Urban Dictionary. Here is what it said, I thought it was funny: “7&7: Novice Drinker’s Cocktail”.

Cherry 7 & 7 Cocktail Recipe

Cherry 7 & 7 Ingredients:
3 maraschino cherries
Crushed Ice
1 oz. Seagrams 7
1 oz. Cherry Liqueur
6 oz. Cherry 7-Up®
Limes for garnish
Mint thinly diced for garnish

Cherry 7 & 7 Directions:

Add sliced cherries, lime slice, mint and ice into a Collins glass.

Pour Seagrams and cherry liqueur over ice.

Pour Cherry 7-Up® over ice and stir.


7 & 7 Cherry Cocktail recipe

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