Are you looking for the right Christmas gifts for teens?

Well, you are in luck, because I have two teens and together we’ve put together a list of Christmas gift ideas for teens! As we think of more teenager gift ideas I will come back and update this list.

Best Gifts for TeensGifts for Teens

This gift guide for teens is broken up into multiple sections. We’ve found gifts that are good for just guys or just girls or for both. Some of these gifts are better suited to be stocking stuffers. We’ve broken this guide into categories to better help you find the perfect teen gift. Good luck and happy shopping.

Gifts for Teens 

  1. Beats: Headphones are always a good idea. 
  1. Makeup: Teen girls are most likely wearing makeup. I do not recommend getting them heavy makeup, but I certainly recommend certain things. Here is a list of makeup I recommend for teen girls.
  1. Plaid Scarf
  1. JBL Bluetooth Speaker – This one is waterproof and has a long battery life which makes it a great shower speaker. If this one isn’t good for your budget, check out this much cheaper one the SKYWING Soundace S8 5W Shower Speaker.
  1. Nano Drone: Drones are super fun, but you don’t want to invest too much since they can crash. 
  1. UGG Slippers
  1. LEGO Architecture Set
  1. Initial Necklace: I think by the time a girl is a teenager, she is probably wearing jewelry every day like an initial necklace. Other jewelry they will love are basic button pearl earrings. This is something that can work when she dresses up or when she’s casual. Pearls go with everything.Gifts for teen girls

    Build Your Own Charm Necklace

    Teen girls will love showing off their individuality with this necklace, perfect for everyday wear! Create an Isabelle Grace charm necklace just for her with your choice of either a 16 or 18-inch silver plated chain, the initial charm of your choice, their birthstone, and one whimsical charm. Charms include choices like a Unicorn, Bird, Dragonfly, Ice Cream Cone, Ladybug, Palm Tree, Sea Horse, Snowflake, Sun, and Tiara. These necklaces cost $58.00. 

  1. Leopard Print Pajama Pants: An easy item to pick out is some sort of pajama pants. 
  1. External Battery – There are lots of good external batteries on the market. We really like the Powerstation PD Portable Battery because it charges 2.5x faster.
  1. Kate Spade Card Case: Many teenage girls do not want to carry a purse or heavy wallet. This card case is a great alternative. 
  2. Google Home
  1. Gift Cards: If you want to stick to gift cards get them either an Xbox Gift CardiTunes, Amazon, or a Visa gift card. These are all gift cards they will actually use. Avoid gift cards from stores that are harder to find or get to. Typically my kid spends there iTunes gift cards on the spot.
  1. Throw Blanket: A soft cozy blanket is a solid gift at any age. 
  1. Nike Windrunner Jacket
  1. Hoverboard: Hoverboards are super fun. We’ve had one for years. To make increase the fun get a buggy attachment to turn it into a gocart!
  1. Personalized Phone Case: Pick out a phone case to match your teen’s personality. 
  1. Personalized YETI: Personalized gifts are always a nice touch. 
  1. Sunglasses: Stylish sunglasses are always a winner.
  2. Video Games: You really can’t go wrong with video games, cause let’s face it, that’s all they seem to want to do.
    Just Dance This game takes no skills, it’s fun and everyone enjoys it. Red Dead Redemption Two (This is a mature game) According to my son Noah, if it hadn’t been for Fortnite this probably would have been game of the year. It’s one of the best games to come out this year. This game is huge and will take up a large amount of storage, so keep this in mind.
    Super Smash Bros Ultimate (E for Everyone) This is one of the hottest games on the market, that literally anyone can play. All three of my kids love the previous one and they can play it with their friends since it’s an eight-player game.
  1. Canon Camera: By now your kid is more than old enough to take care of a nicer camera. 
  1. Nike Air Max Sneakers: Who doesn’t need sneakers?
  1. Jade Roller: This little item is crazy popular. 
  2. PS4: This gaming system does it all. You can game on it, watch Netflix from it, and other handy stuff.  

Spotify Membership

A 1 year, Spotify membership is sure to please any teen. They can listen to their music without commercials.

Make sure they redeem the gift card in time. The cards are only valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. These gift cards are not redeemable in conjunction with other discounts or promotions, such as Premium for Family, Premium for Students so find out if the kid already has this before gifting it. 

StitchFixGifts for Teens

A gift card to StickFix would be fun. With the gift card, they can use it to order a styling for themselves. A personal stylist selects items to fit his or her tastes and wardrobe needs based on a survey they fill out. I recommend getting a minimum of $135 – $250 on the gift card in order to cover the entire styling which includes five items.

Stress DoughStress dough

Help your kids release some stress by play with therapy dough. The Squeeze Aromatherapy Therapy Dough Stress Ball Made 100% Peppermint Essential Oils is the one I recommend. 

Teen Guy Stocking Stuffers

SOUNDOT AF1 In-Ear FM Headphones 

SOUNDOT AF1 In-Ear FM Headphones 

SOUNDOT AF1 In-Ear FM Headphones

SOUNDOT AF1 In-Ear FM Headphones from Blackloud are unique because they let iOS device users worldwide access FM radio, even when they don’t have internet, via the headphones’ built-in FM receiver! Today’s iPhones cannot access FM radio without internet. Some Android smartphones contain activated FM chips, but iPhones do not, so iPhone users who want to listen to FM radio must stream it over the internet which drains their data and battery. These headphones let iOS device users tune directly into FM radio to listen live to sports, music, weather and even emergency broadcasts – when and wherever they want or need it.

Treehut Watch

By this age, guys will definitely appreciate a minimalist, lightweight Treehut watch. My son picked out a wooden one by Tree Hut, the All Ebony Theo Blue. These watches are American-made, customizable, and can be completely personalized by engraving them with a message to yourself. Plus, they are affordable, the one Noah got costs only $120.

POLISHED Gift Set by Dr. Lancer

A POLISHED gift set created by DrLancer and his friend, Ryan Seacrest makes a great teenage guy gift. POLISHED is a dermatologist-developed, tested and approved daily regimen that targets the specific needs of men’s skin and is powered by the highest grade and most innovative ingredients. The line includes an anti-aging serum, dual cleanse and shave, oil-free moisturizer (SPF 30) a daily micro scrub, and daily lip care.

Teen Girl Stocking Stuffers


Herstyler Luxe Infrared Flat Iron

Herstyler Led Flat Iron allows you to safely style your hair. It uses red LED technology and ceramic floating plates, to promote hair growth! This flat iron costs $27.95
Herstyler Led Flat Iron 

Herstyler Led Flat Iron

Block Island Organics: Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser

Block Island Organics: Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser is a natural and organic pampering gift great for a teenage girl.  It’s the perfect stocking stuffer because it is nice & slim and would fit perfectly into a stocking! It’s an antioxidant and vitamin-rich, organic formula that cleans and freshens skin with gentle botanicals. This cleanser is the perfect way to remove makeup and impurities that build up during the day and night. Ingredients such as rosehip, chamomile, sunflower, burdock, avocado, olive and more combine to purify the skin while maintaining its moisture balance. It’s suitable for all skin types.

Bath Bombs

You can’t go wrong with Lush Bath Bombs, but if you do not want to spend that kind of money on a bath bomb you can make them yourself: DIY Bath Bombs.

PalsSocks!Pals socks

Funny, mismatched socks are always a hit with teens. And if they do not need to match, laundry day gets a lot easier! PalsSocks! are $12.99 a pair. Teen girls will like the Unicorn/Dragon combo.

Have you discovered a good gift for teens? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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