Learning to drive is a right of passage for many – and teaching your children how to drive can feel like a daunting task. I know since I’ve taught three kids to drive now! If you are looking for ways to spice up your child’s learning experience while also getting in some good old family time, we think you should take a road tripA road trip and driving lessons are the perfect combination for parents who want their teenagers to be prepared for the realities of driving when its time for them to take on the road by themselves. 

Don’t quite agree with us yet? Keep reading and then think again!

Here are our top 6 reasons why you should combine a family trip with teenage driving lessons

1. It creates a practical learning environment

When we say ‘practical learning environment’, we’re not just talking about the physical act of driving rather than theory – we’re talking about teaching your kids through real-life experiences. 

The reality is, that when they get their driver’s license, they will need to drive for longer periods than the average driving lesson. Allowing your teen to get long-haul driving experience where they can practice focus is key. 

Set your child up with driving lessons so that they are prepared for the challenges of a road trip, and let them tap into their skills in a more realistic environment on your family road trip. 

2. Provides bonding opportunities

The first reason why we think driving lessons and road trips are the dream duo for teens learning to drive are the valuable bonding opportunities that come along for the ride. 

Spending hours together in the car conversing, singing along to music, and playing road trip games allows parents and teens to connect on a deeper level. 

This quality time together builds trust and understanding during the critical driving instruction process. Teens also get to see their parents in a more relaxed setting.

3. Teens develop responsibility

When parents allow teens to take on important jobs like navigating directions, pumping petrol, checking tire pressure and fluid levels, it builds accountability and maturity.

Completing these essential road trip tasks successfully gives teens confidence and readiness to handle vehicles properly in realistic situations. 

Taking a less active role in quieter parts of the journey can also make your kid feel independent, an exciting step for a learner who is just starting to gain confidence on the open road. Combine A Family Road Trip with Teaching your Kids how to Drive

4. Building confidence behind the wheel 

Nothing breeds self-assured and competent teen drivers faster than overcoming challenges on the open road.

With each new driving situation conquered teens feel more comfortable handling the vehicle, especially when coming across different terrains and traffic conditions in new places. 

Again, supportive guidance from parents in an low-pressure environment allows confidence to flourish, and confidence is a trait that shouldn’t be overlooked as a key indicator of a good driver.

5. Create shared goals and achievements 

Learning together to master driving skills and overcoming difficulties as a cohesive family unit teaches teens important life lessons

Having a shared destination and a shared desire to get there in one piece makes for a clear goal that you can keep in mind throughout the journey’s highs and lows. 

Achieving mini-goals like successful parallel parking or merging onto highways culminates in the big win of becoming a licensed driver!

If you have younger kids in the car, working together to ensure their safety and comfort can be great too. Before you set off, browse our tips for a roadtrip with kids together to prepare. 

6. Promote safety and proper driving habits 

Parents can model ideal driving behavior like obeying speed limits, keeping full attention on the road, proper hand positioning, and mirror checking during their turns at the wheel. 

Consistently wearing seat belts, being aware of blind spots, and maintaining safe distances from other vehicles also ingrains good habits when your learner is watching you. 

Social learning theory dictates that kids learn from their parent’s behavior. Teens see first-hand how to take caution and prevent irresponsible driving, so remember to set an example!


Combining a family trip and driving lessons perfectly blends education with quality bonding time – and you might even fit some road trip games in. The shared on-the-road journey will prepare teens to handle vehicles safely while bringing the whole family closer together.

We hope that enjoyed reading our tips and have gained inspiration to take your learner on a family road trip to enhance their learning experience, skills, and confidence as a new driver.

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