Concordia Language Camps bring languages to life for families and children ages 2 to 18. They provide all types of programs from preschool enrichment, day camps and sleepaway camps to programs that the entire family can take part in together.  

Concordia Language Villages Summer Camps

Concordia Language Camps are done by Concordia College and located in Turtle River Lake, near Bemidji, Minnesota. You don’t even have to leave the country to participate!

In Concordia Language Villages they have a variety of languages for you to chose from including Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanes, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Portuguese, and Swedish.

If you are not familiar with the language that you choose, the one week course is recommended for you.

If you are intermediate and have already done the one week course and you are ready to proceed and do the next level in the language that you pick, you go for the to two week course.

If you are advanced (or very good at the language) take the one month course, unless you don’t feel comfortable staying away from home for such long periods.

Keep in mind that you can still take the two week course until you are comfortable with it. You can stay at that level until you are comfortable staying away from home.

Family Program

As a family you will stay in a cabin with other families and experience new international foods, play games, make crafts, enjoy music and take part in some old-fashioned outdoor fun. Families can sign up for a whole week or just for a weekend. If you cannot afford to leave the country but want to experience other cultures and languages this is a way to do that. 

Earn High School Credit

If you take the four week course you can earn high school credit. Four weeks of language and cultural immersion at the Language Villages, earns a full year of high school language credit.