img 9509An odd thing about me is that I love Cookie Monster. I’m not sure why. Probably because I feel the same way about pie and chips and salsa as he does about cookies. Or maybe because he taught me so many life lessons on Sesame Street like……kidding, I can’t think of a single thing I learned from Cookie Monster. But boy do I like his memes.

cookie monster memecookie monster meme

Funny right? Anyhoo, here is a funny Cookie Monster Bark recipe that your kids will get a kick out of.

Cookie Monster Bark

1 bag of Ghiridelli dark chocolate melting wafers

1 bag of royal blue candy melts

1 C mini chocolate chip cookies, broken in half

1 C mini oreo cookies

1 package of small edible icing eyes.

Wax paper


Using two small pots: pour 3 cups of cold water into one of the pots and place on the stove on high heat. Once the water starts to boil, place the second pot on top with the chocolate wafers in the pot.

While the chocolate is melting, tear off a sheet of wax paper and lay it on the cookie sheet.

Mix the chocolate with a spoon and once it is melted pour the chocolate on the cookie sheet.

Place in the freezer for 20 minutes.
While that is in the freezer, wash the pan and let dry.

Pull out the cookie sheet and set on the counter.

Using the same pot, dry any water spots, and pour in the royal blue candy melts

Stir the candy melts when they start to melt and continue stirring until fully melted
Pour on top of the cooled chocolate and smooth out using a rubber spatula
Take the broken chocolate chip cookie and place around on top of the chocolate

Repeat with the oreos and eyes
Put back into the fridge for another 20 minutes before pulling out and breaking into pieces.
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