Corvette has an amazing Corvette museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky with over 80 Corvettes display since 1994 when they opened. They even have the Corvettes that fell into the sinkhole on display.National Corvette Museum

Did you know that Corvettes are made in Bowling Green, Kentucky? Near the Corvette plant, is a large corvette museum, the National Corvette Museum. Here you will find over 80 Corvettes on display. I had the opportunity to visit during a media tour of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Corvettes have been produced since 1953 and the museum has Corvettes representing every generation.

National Corvette Museum Storage Room

During the tour, they took us behind the scenes and into the storage room and of course we found more Corvettes! Here are some photos of what we saw!img 0316img 0314 1img 0312img 0311

The Corvette Sinkhole

They also took us into the room where they are restoring one of the cars that fell in the sinkhole. It is so sad to see all of those cars destroyed. I am glad they have been able to fix a few of them. This will be the third one they have restored. img 0310 1

This is the room that had the sinkhole the Corvettes fell into. The remains of them are on display. Many of them are not salvageable. Notice on the floor, they have outlined where the sinkhole was. img 0318

To see even more of the sinkhole check out the Facebook Live video I took while touring the room.

img 0319img 0290img 0298

The Zora Corvette

Zora Arkus-Duntov General Motors Chief Engineer aka “the Father of Corvette” drove hundreds of corvettes, but only owned one. He bought his company fully loaded 1974 Stingray Corvette from GM, a dark green 454ci automatic. Zora had the car custom-painted silver and blue, with pin-striping and stripes across the roof and hood and down the sides.

National Corvette Museumimg 0296img 0292

1955 Corvettes

Engines – Choice of 195-hp “Turbo-Fire V8” with 4-barrel carburetor; or 155-hp “Blue Flame” Six with 3 side-draft carburetors. Valve-in-head design, 8:1 compression ratio, high-lift camshaft, dual exhaust system, shielded ignition.

Transmission – Powerglide or Synchro-Mesh 3-speed. Floor-mounted selector lever.

Drive Line – Hotchkiss drive. Hypoid axle: 3.55:1 with Powerglide; 3.70:1 with Synchro-Mesh.

Tires – Five 6.70-15 tubeless tires.

Steering – Anti-friction gear, 16 to 1 ratio; balanced linkage. Nearly vertical, 17-1/4″ two-spoke steering wheel.

Brakes – Hydraulic, 11″ self-energizing brakes; bonded linings. Pull-handle parking brake.

Suspension – Independent front suspension, ride stabilizer. Four-leaf rear springs, outrigger mounted. Direct double-acting shock absorbers.

Frame – Extra-rigid X-member-braced box girder frame.

Fuel Tank – Capacity: 17 gal. Concealed side filler.


Body – 2-passenger, open-cockpit body of glass-fiber-reinforced plastic; light, strong, durable, quiet, rustproof, and easy to repair. Wide doors with inside release.

Compartments – Front-hinged hood with automatically latching support. Large luggage locker with spare-wheel well under floor, and lockable counterbalanced lid. Concealed well for top in rear deck behind seats. Saddle-covered door pockets.

Windows and Top – Chrome-bound, one-piece, curved safety plate glass windshield; 53-degree slant. Removable chrome-bound plastic side windows with ventipanes. Manually adjusted fabric top with plastic rear window.

Colors – Exterior: Polo White or Pennant Blue. Cockpit: Sportsman Red or Beige seat and side wall upholstery; red- or blue-crowned white instrument panel; red or beige carpet. Luggage Locker: Sportsman Red or Beige. Top: Tan.

Car Dimensions – Wheelbase, 102″. Length, 167″. Height, 33″ at door top. Road Clearance, 6″. Width, 70″.

img 0294

National Corvette Museum Admission and Hours

Admission: $10 Adults, $8 Seniors, $5 Youth (6-16), Under 6 Free, Active Military Free. (There is no discount for military family members.)

Hours: Open everyday from 8 AM – 5 PM.

Here is an audio tour of the museum you can download for your visit.


Vettecademy is an education program for children. Children everywhere can explore various generations of Corvettes, virtually experience the infamous 2014 sinkhole, and learn the basics of automobile maintenance like designing cars and fixing tires.

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