I love the tips for better family travel found in this slide show. We do some of these in our family and some we don’t do.

11 Expert Tips to Better Family Travel from VolunteerSpot

We do tip #1 as you can see here:



I also fully agree with tip #4. The kids are benefitting from the trip so why not make them pull their own weight along the way. My kids are more than capable of taking care of their own bags.



Now tip #6 is great, but forget setting a time limit and setting up sharing. This is vacation so who cares is my philosophy. My kids all have their own devices, so they should go ahead and enjoy them. Of course ,when I took a selfie of us on the London eye a few weeks ago with my GoPro, I was not amused to see the little one on his phone playing Clash of Clans.

London Eye