There are so many benefits to turning one room into your home into a place where your kids can play. Not least the fact that you can shut the door on each night without having to worry about packing away their toys or picking up clutter strewn around the rest of the home. The good news is that it’s incredibly easy to transform any space into a playroom. Keep reading to find out how. 

Add toy storage 

First and foremost a successful playroom needs to have space for toy storage. Probably the best option here is to use individual baskets or fabric bins that slot into a shelf framework. This is because it keeps different items separated, but also keeps them off the ground as well as so makes the maximum amount of floor space possible. 

Of course, some items may be best kept in other kinds of storage, for example, art supplies and board games can be kept in draws, while soft toys or larger playsets can be stored in chests, or robust plastic bins, where they can easily be deposited after the kids are done playing with them. 

Put in an easy to clean floor 

Next, for a successful playroom, you need a floor that is easy to keep clean. This means that for the most part carpet is off the cards here. Instead, a much better option is a linoleum, laminate, or even hardwood floor as they can all be swept and cleaned with very little effort. 

You don’t even need to compromise on the look of your home here either. Indeed, some of the most sophisticated playrooms I have seen have used parquet flooring which is not only attractive but easy to maintain. You won’t even need to be replaced once the kids have grown and you choose to repurpose the room into something else. 

Choose bright colors 

Once you have the floor sorted it’s time to add some color to the playroom. Most people opt for either bright primary and secondary colors here, or in some cases, pastels, and both options can work well. 

However, what is important to remember is that color always needs to be balanced against some neutral tones. Indeed, by choosing a clean, bright white on your walls you can easily add color through textiles and decoration. Something that means it’s much easier to change the playroom as the kids mature. 

Add kid-size furniture 

One of the most valuable assets inside of a playroom is some kid-size furniture like a desk or table and chairs. The great thing about choosing kid-sized pieces is that it means the little ones can use them on their own without assistance, and with only minimal supervision. 


In fact, using this idea as a jumping-off point, making everything else at child-height and so accessible for the little ones means they can get out and put away any toys or resources they need, something that not only teaches them independence but means less work for any adults involved in supervising them too. 

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