Many people have ask what I think of Cub Scouts now that our son has finished his second year. To be honest, I went into it knowing all of the bad things you hear about. Despite that we tried it because, we knew some military kids in Idaho that loved it.

It has exceeded my expectations. One important thing to keep in mind is that to be in Cub Scouts you have to have an adult partner, more specifically one of your parents is expected to be there. Our son has built boats, race cars, rockets, tool boxes and more.
The boy scouts have some really nice camps that you will have access to once your child joins. Also at this age the camping trips are family camping trips. They do a variety of things at these camps including archery, bb guns, hiking, leather crafts, campfires, games, fishing, swimming and much more.
Another option depending on your area is a summer day camp. What I think is so great about these is they are local and very affordable. These day camps for the most part offer all of the activities you can find at the family camping trips.

I highly recommend cub scouts. For more info click here.Cub Scouts