Dangerous AppsEver wonder which apps are okay for your teenager and which apps are not okay? Did you know that there are hidden apps that your kids could sneak past you?

What apps are okay for my tweens and teens is something I discuss on a regular basis with other parents I know. That’s why I found this info from TeenSafe so interesting. I was not familiar with all of these apps and chances are you are not either

Top 5 Dangerous Apps and why every parent should be on the lookout. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Snapchat:One of the most popular apps for sexting among teens. Sexts can be saved even though they are supposed to disappear.
  • Kik Messenger:  Tweens and teens also Kik to send sexts. Predators can contact your child via Kik and send unsolicited sexts.
  • Tinder: No age verification means your child could be “matched with adults on this popular dating app. Tinder has had security breaches that exposed user data and location.
  • Blendr: There are no age requirements for this dating app, allowing adults to contact children. GPS features can reveal the location of your child to diligent predators.
  • Down: Lets a user sort Facebook friends they are “down” to hook up with. It perpetuates “hookup” culture among young teens.

Top 5 Dangerous Apps for Teens