Ever wonder what it is like to fly Delta first class? Here is a little peek into what it’s like including amenities and food.

flying 1st class with kids

Flying Delta First Class

We recently got to fly first class for the first time on Delta airlines, also commonly referred to as business class, during an overseas flight and it was amazing.

We were going to London on an overnight flight. It was a little over 8 hours going over there and over 10 hours coming back. As you can see from the photo above, you have a ton of leg room. You also have a little lamp next to you so you can read. Which you will definitely use, if you are not going to sleep because after the meal is served, they turn the lights off so everyone can sleep.

One of the questions I’ve gotten a few times was about the kids. Can kids fly in first class? They absolutely can! My kids love first class! Just look at Jonahs face!

flying business class with children on Delta

Business Class Products

In addition to priority boarding, they give you a little bag full of stuff for the flight, including a sleeping mask, lip balm, lotion, socks, a toothbrush and toothpaste and mouthwash. It also had ear plugs, tissues, and a pen. You are also provided with a blanket and pillow so you can sleep. That’s Jonah above trying everything out! Yes, your kids are allowed to fly in Delta Business class aka first class. I have even seen people flying with babies up here. My kids love being first class passengers!First class amenities when flying delta business class overseas.

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Delta First Class Food

The meals were good too, but my kids weren’t really digging them. They felt like they were too weird. Go figure. I must say despite this, they gobbled them right up.

I thought they were awesome. Shown below is the starter. Right before you start your meal they bring you a hot towel.
food in Delta Business class

Depending on when you fly you will also receive breakfast. breakfast served in Delta Business class

Delta First class with kids

Lie Flat Seats

The seats make into beds. I wish all airplane seats made into beds. Being able to lay down helped all of us sleep well on the airplane. All three of my kids were able to get quite a bit of sleep on the way over, which made such a huge difference with the time change. I highly recommend splurging on these lie flat seats on long haul international flights. 
flying overseas with children in Delta Business class

Since experience bed seats for the first time I have paid out of pocket for Noah to have a bed seat. He has epilepsy and sleep is vital. One of the toughest things about my job is getting Noah overseas. We get these amazing opportunities that we do not want to turn down, but the reality when your child has a condition you have to do some serious planning. 

More Food Photos of Delta Business Class

I got Delta first class again this week after there was an unexpected aircraft change and wanted to share some more food photos. This is the food I got while flying Delta Business class within the United States. img 5111img 5109img 5108

And the next time I got bumped up. Apparently I’m never going to be fancy, because I am thrilled every single time I get upgraded!img 5107img 5106

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And yes, it turns out they have bed seats on domestic flights too! Not always, but sometimes.

If you are flying first class overseas, you are given access to the Delta lounge. In the Delta lounge you will find complimentary beer, wine, and spirits. They also have some food like soup, salads, hummus, cookies, and other snack type food. 

Packing List for Flying

  • Headphones
  • Book
  • Phone
  • Phone charger
  • Blanket
  • Neck pillow/pillow pet
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Snacks

Recently my daughter flew Delta One which to me basically looks the same as business class. The amenities they give you looked a little different but that might just be an overall change they’ve made. 

Delta One

Delta Business ClassIn conclusion, it is clear how much a first-class experience onboard Delta can provide for those who want additional comfort and amenities while flying. From available seats with extended legroom to specialty snacks and drinks, the expanded services offered in first class can turn an ordinary flight into an extraordinary experience.

Now that you’ve heard about some of the special benefits of flying with Delta in first class, why not book your next ticket with them? And don’t forget to compare the services of different airlines so you can find what works best for you — what airline has your favorite first class? After all, there is nothing wrong with looking for the most luxurious service out there! Why not make your next flight an experience to remember?

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