Departure is a trendy Portland, Oregon restaurant serving Asian fusion cuisine. It is located inside The Nines Hotel, an upscale hotel near Pioneer Square.
They have a great happy hour and a killer patio with stunning views of downtown Portland. I’ve been here twice to eat dinner and once late at night, just to hang out and get drinks. At night it is very crowded with lots of people seated and standing. It seemed to be a late night hot spot. For dinner things are much quieter and everyone is seated at a table. There is no one milling about like at night.
Departure food is incredible, hopefully the picture does the food justice. We ordered small plates to sample a variety of what they have. For the most part it is all small plates or sushi rolls. Departures restaurant
Departures restaurant
Departures restaurant
Departures restaurant
Departures restaurant
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This curry noodles was good, but it is bright and it is messy. Next time we would not order it, because if you do get it on your clothes I think it will stain.

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