Devil's Punchbowl

Devil’s Punchbowl State Park

Devil’s Punchbowl State Park is in between Newport, OR and Lincoln City. It is a state day use park on the central Oregon Coast in the United States. It is centered on a large bowl naturally carved in a rock headland which is partially open to the Pacific Ocean. Watch for signs along the highway to point you in the right direction or use your GPS. You only have to go off the main road a tiny bit before getting there.

There is no admission to get into the park. There was plenty of parking and a short walk to see the Devil’s Punchbowl.

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There’s an easy path along the cliff with breathtaking views. The path is not steep, just slightly sloped. There is a fence along the path, but I would still keep an eye on your children.

We were told this is a great place to spot whales, but we never saw one. There were many people set up to watch whales and photo them. I heard that there were whale sightings off and on everyday, we were in the area. So, if you visit at the end of March or beginning of April you have a fairly good shot at seeing them.

There’s also picnic tables in the park and a small winery near the parking, The Flying Dutchman Winery. Unfortunately, we were there so early in the morning that the winery was not open yet.