Think About It

Have you ever sat down and thought about all the money big banks are raking in? I had not really thought about it. I bank with a very large military bank and it bothers me a lot when I see them running commercials on TV, because it seems like a waste of money to me. When I stop to really think about it I realize that although there seem to be benefits for me, they are still making loads and loads of money and they do not share it with me. Turns out a credit union would share it with you and I never realized it until now after visiting Make Your Money Matter.

Benefits of a Credit Union

  • Credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives that exist solely to provide financial services to their members, and anyone can find one that he or she is eligible to join. 
  • Unlike banks, it’s the members, not corporate shareholders, who own the credit unions. 
  • All the profit that credit unions bring in goes back to members in the form of dividends, rebates and lowered interest rates; for every $100 deposited at a credit union, on average $67 is directly redeployed to individual borrowers within the membership. For Example:  In the last year, credit unions distributed more than $5.3 billion in member dividends and refunds on loan interest payments.
  • On average, credit unions offer lower interest rates on loans and higher interest returns on investments, as well as lower fees for checking accounts, ATM surcharges, overdrafts and stopped payments.

Is Your Money Safe in a Credit Union

  • Yes. Member deposits are insured up to $250,000 per account by the NCUA.
  • In fact, in the 100 year history of Credit Unions there has never been a U.S. taxpayer bail out. That’s a lot more than the big banks can say.

“This post is sponsored by Make Your Money Matter, in association with PSCU, though all views expressed are my own.”