Watkins GlenIt’s officially summer! You know what that means! Try to enjoy the great outdoors before it starts getting cold again! That’s not a very long time frame here in Buffalo, NY and I have really come to appreciate being outside in the nice weather.
My pre-motherhood outdoor days were usually filled with patio time and summer cocktails! But now that I have a little one I’m trying to find ways to maximize outdoor playtime so we both have fun! Of course there are plenty of ways to do this. But c’mon, you can only push your stroller around the neighborhood so many times.
Thankfully I have found my new go-to website for planning summer fun!
DiscoverTheForest.org lets you search for parks and forests nearby, according to location and types of activities desired for your trip! You can even download and print activities for you and your crew to take with you!
After looking through the site I can’t wait to get out with a few friends and my husband this year. I’ve developed a slight obsession with bonfires and I’m ready for the smores! DiscoverTheForest.org also has easy to use snap guides. 

We are lucky up here in NY, because there is an abundance of state parks and forest areas. I mean check out that picture of Watkins Glen State Park. It’s only a few hours from my house and considered one of the most amazing landmarks in the United States! Hopefully I will make it down there nice year, it is a great hike/walk.

I hope you all get to enjoy summer with your family and friends! Don’t forget the bug spray and use DiscoverTheForest.org. Make the most of it because winter will be back before we know it!
Watkins GlenDisclosure: This post was sponsored by the US Forest.