Discover travel rewards cardFor a long time I was anti credit card, but in the last few years I have come around. We have actually started using reward credit cards for the travel benefits. Both the credit cards we have earn travel rewards, because as you might have noticed I like to travel a lot. In fact I just got back from Las Vegas. I took my youngest son on a Mom & Son vacation while my older two children were at camp.

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I use my “earnings” for all things travel except airfare. That’s why I like this card their Discover it Miles credit card. The miles earned are for all Travel Purchases! Which includes not just airline tickets but hotel rooms, car rentals, travel agents, online travel sites and commuter transportation. I do not need airline tickets, because my husband is an airline pilot and we fly for free. (#bragging – Him becoming an airline pilot is this travel writers ultimate travel dream come to life!) I do however like earning miles to pay for the trains in Europe! IMG 0252

Discover it Miles® card features:

  • No annual fee – I love this, because you should never have to pay a fee to have a credit card
  • Fly any airline any time. Just buy a ticket and use Miles to credit your statement – This means you can literally fly anywhere in the world. Any where!
  • 1.5x miles for every dollar spent on purchases – You can use these “miles” for travel related purchases. Travel Purchases include airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, travel agents, online travel sites and commuter transportation. 1 Mile is the cash equivalent of 1 penny.
  • An annual credit up to $30 for in-flight Wi-Fi charges
  • Miles never expire
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Overnight shipping of a replacement card to any U.S. street address upon request
  • A $0 fraud liability guarantee where you are never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your Discover card.

Learn more about the Discover rewards.

As an introductory offer, Discover it Miles card members will now receive double the amount of miles they’ve earned at the end of their first year – with no spending cap. That gives travelers using the Discover it Miles Card the opportunity to determine for themselves the amount of bonus miles they receive in that first year.

Where would you go with your double miles? I would go back to Germany.  IMG_0779.JPG

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.