Disney nailsOnce again, my daughter and I got Disney-themed pedicures and manicures. We had so much fun having our nails done like this the year before we figured why not do it again. We have decided to make getting a Disney manicure and a Disney pedicure an annual tradition.

Even though my daughter has teensy little nails the technician was able to do a little Mickey Mouse on each fingernail and each toenail.

Mine was very similar to the Disney manicure I got last year. Mine manicured nails are shellac (aka gels) in case you were wondering.Disney manicure

I had seen some really cute stuff on Pinterest when trying to decide what to get, but the nail technician wasn’t really digging the designs I had picked out. She seems to think my nails are to small to pull this off. Maybe next year!

My daughter also got Tigger nails done. Tigger nails

This is the one I picked out off of Pinterest. I wish I had stuck to it, but I chickened out for some reason.

Disney NailsNow, these are the ones my daughter picked out and for the most part, they nailed it. (See what I did there. I’m laughing to myself right now.)

Mickey mouse nails

Update: For 2017 we went and got our annual Disney nails. Here are some photos of our nails. I got Minnie Mouse nails and my daughter’s friend got Toy Story nails!

Minnie Mouse nail design

Toy story nail design a perfect manicure for visiting Disney

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