A fun way to add excitement about going to Disney World and show off your love of all things Disney is by getting a Disney manicure and a Disney pedicure.Minnie Mouse nails

I had considered getting a Disney pedicure and Disney manicure before when we were headed to Orlando, but for whatever reason never got around to it. This year I finally got my act together and managed to get mine and my daughter’s nails done before we went to Disney World. Mainly because once I started looking at designs on Pinterest I just couldn’t resist.Disney manicure

The gal I go to for shellac manicures came up with my Disney manicure which is a Minnie Mouse nail design. She painted on the bows on each of my ring fingers and then added a little crystal in the middle. How cute is that? She made it look like I had pink tips, but she did this all with gel and paint.

I opted for a Minnie Mouse pedicure too, that way my toes and fingers would match. This Minnie Mouse pedicure is so easy you could do it yourself. Just paint your toes pink, add white dots, and paint a Minnie Mouse on your big toes. To make the dots you can use the end of a bobby pin or paper clip if you do not have nail tools. Visit this step by step tutorial for Disney manicures I put together for additional tips and tricks.

Eden got blue nails with white dots and a Mickey Mouse on her thumbs and big toes.

Disney nails

Please pardon our unattractive feet, I just really wanted to show off our pedis!Disney toe nails

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Frozen Nails

Minnie Mouse Nails

Mickey Mouse Nails

Mickey Mouse Nails

Monster's Inc Nails

minnie mouse nails

Monster's Inc nails


These are some of the Disney nail art ideas on Pinterest, I found most inspiring. These Disney manicures and Disney pedicures were the ones I showed to the nail technicians. We had three different nail techs and they were like “yeah right”. Apparently some of these designs are too elaborate. Which, okay, I admit they do seem a bit over the top.

I later learned that you can get these nail transfer things on Etsy! They are super elaborate and I guess you put them on top of your nails! 

They also have Disney themed topper polishes and Disney nail wraps on Etsy as well. I think this is what we will try next time. This would cost way less than a custom manicure.

Mickey mouse nails


Despite not getting a crazy, over the top nail design possible, we loved our nails! From now on we will be doing this before each Disney World trip.

What was neat and unexpected was many of the characters at Disney went out of their way to compliment my daughter on her nails! I love how all the cast members pay attention to stuff like that. 

*Keep in mind that if you are taking your daughter to the Bibbidi Bobbidi boutique they will paint her nails. So, stick to just a Disney pedicure. You do not want to pay for an elaborate manicure you end up taking off a day or two later. If you want to know more about what to expect at the Bibbidi Bobbidi boutique be sure and check out my daughter’s experience. Spoiler: It was a great experience.

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Have you gotten a Disney-themed mani or pedi? What kind did you get? I know many of you are way more creative than I am and I would love to hear about your own experience. You can leave a comment below.

Disney nails

Disney Nail DesignsMickey mouse Nails

Micky Mouse Nails




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