Disney Social Media Moms Portland
When Disney Social Media Moms came to Portland I of course went. As you all are well aware I love all things Disney.
I have not previously attended one of their Social Media Mom events, so I was unsure what to expect. We had a nice breakfast and got right into learning all things social media.

What I learned when Disney Social Media Moms came to Portland

I really enjoyed getting to hear from Erin Glover the Social Media Director at Disneyland. She spoke on how they go about crafting their Disney Parks blog posts. Here are three take aways from her talk:
  • Their team works in google docs together.
  • What is your voice? What is your unique voice something only you can see.
  • What’s your amazing story you need to tell?
Next up was Victoria Linn their managing editor. She had many interesting tips including lots of video tips:
Visual Guidelines for Photos
  • Clean your lens
  • Steady shots
  • Try different angles
  • Zoom with your feet
  • Hold phone horizontally
  • Be purposeful in shooting
  • Don’t tilt, pan
  • Keep your phone in airplane mode
During Interviews
  • Consider ambient noise
  • Be mindful of wind
  • Consider where do you want interview subjects to look
  • Dropbox
  • Disney Memories HD adds stickers to photos
  • Show your Disney side
  • picCollage
  • PhotoGrid
  • Magisto for videos drop and drag (magistotraial12 coupon code)
  • Cute Cut
  • wevideo (for android)
  • Videolicious
Someone from Babble spoke, but unfortunately I didn’t catch their name. They shared some of what they do with their social media accounts. 
  • use short, clear, engaging copy
  • experiment and analyze
  • Post more than just links – try sharables and other native uploads
  • Title less than 70 characters
  • videos and photos directly uploaded do better
  • 6-9 AM, 4-6 PM PST & Eastern
  • no such thing as too many tweets
  • tag and tag some more
  • tweet on a trending topic, but through the lens of your brand
  • photo quality is key
  • keep your look consistent – same couple of fonts and filters
  • share your photos on other social platforms to drive engagement
Making Meaningful Connections
  • Social Swap
  • link sharing
  • crowd source content
  • guest post
  • best time to pin Friday and Saturday
Branch out
  • pitch larger sites: scary mommy, huff post parents, babble
  • Find an editor or submissions contact
  • craft your pitch and have fun with it: introduce yourself, your background, ideas,

Why You Do What You Do

There was a whole segment dedicated to thinking about what you are doing and what you are trying to accomplish.

Know why you are doing what your are doing
-what is your why
-knowing your why gives you focus
-What’s your goal?
  • What do I want from my business
  • These are my absolutes
  • What I’m I willing to do
  • What I am willing not to do
Embrace your unique voice
  • Your style, your parenting style, my life experience,
  • Do you have a unique story?
  • What brings you joy?
Find your brave
  • Root yourself in what you have to offer
  • Try something out of the box or something new
  • Create your courage team 
Envision your next level
  • What’s next? What’s your goal?
The we got to hear from a super successful blogger the Crafty Chica – Kathy Cano-Murillo and her daughter 
Maya in the Moment – May Murillo. These were some of the things they wanted people to think about.
  • How do you put the magic in everything you do?
  • Have a book proposal ready to go!
  • Embrace new
  • Make readers laugh, cry, or gasp
  • Know your five year destination
  • Know top search terms for your site – if possible buy the url of those search terms
  • Involve your kids
  • Bring your own personality
  • Have your hater blockers on
  • Variety
  • Let yourself have fun
  • Fun attracts, fun is a magnet
  • Figure out the dream and create a goal