Disney World TipsWe’ve been to Disney World probably 40 times now and by default you learn a great deal of knowledge about Disney World. I kind of joke about being a Disney expert, but it’s kind of not a joke. People call me that I don’t even know to ask Disney related questions because my friends have given them my info. And I don’t even mind, because I get so excited thinking of all the fun they will have on their trip. I don’t know what’s wrong with me! It’s not like I’m a travel agent.

Disney Tips For Common Problems:


Dining Questions:

Be Our GuestQuestion: I want to make a reservation for Be My Guest restaurant (Beast’s Castle), but there is no availability. What do I do?

Ok, there are two solutions here.

  1. Visit for lunch or breakfast instead. At lunch Be My Guest is a quick service restaurant. You may have to wait in line, but it’s cheaper and you will definitely get to eat here! Also, once you are inside you can walk all around and see all three areas including the Enchanted Rose. Be sure and check out the torn painting to see what happens when it thunders.
  2. You try again to make a reservation either the day before or the day of. We do this all the time and almost always get into the restaurant we wanted. Remember, if there is only a reservation for 3 take it and upon arriving, let them know your party is bigger now. They will likely accommodate.

I also want to mention that the breads used during lunch time vary. If you have an allergy SPEAK UP!

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Question: I am not staying at a Disney property. Can I still participate in the Disney Dining plan?

No, unfortunately you can’t participate. They do not even let the military members participate that are staying at the military Disney hotel.

Question: Can I share a plate at a Disney restaurant?

I have two answers for this.

No – If you are on the Disney Dining Plan you cannot share a plate.

Yes – If you are there dining without being on a plan, you can share a plate. This can be a great way to try out some expensive restaurants without over spending.

Question: Can I Avoid Restaurant Lines?

Yes – Now with the Disney app you can order and pay for your food in advance. If you have the Disney Dining Plan you can use it towards your order. Then you don’t have to stand in line! Instead, when you get to the restaurant you tap the “I’m Here, Prepare My Order” button and the kitchen starts your order. The app will notify you when your order is ready for pickup at the mobile order window. Currently there are 20 restaurants participating in this.

Question: Does Disney sell healthy snacks?

Yes – Disney World has soda, candy and of course Mickey Mouse ice cream. However, you cannot eat that every day. Throughout each park there are food stations or carts with healthy snacks. Fresh fruit, carrot sticks and pickles are some of the options. Try and healthier and more refreshing snack next time you visit.

FastPass Tips

Question: Can I get more FastPasses?

Yes – Once you have used up your FastPass+ selections you can select more! To max out your options schedule all three of yours in the morning. If possible, plan them one right after the other. Then for the rest of the day you can schedule more.

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Disney Parks Questions:

Jedi TrainingI want my child to do the Jedi Training. What do I do to make sure this happens?

First, you need to know that if you last went to the park and they randomly picked out kids from the audience that is NO LONGER how the kids are selected.

Instead, you have to go sign them up at a designated place. In order to be there early enough to sign up you actually need to be there when the park opens. Then someone in your party along with the kid that wants to sign up can haul booty over to sign them up.

Sign up at the queue outside ABC Sound Studio at park opening. Twelve Guests between the ages of 4 and 12 years of age will be selected for each show. 

  • Remember, even if it is raining they will have Jedi Training. It will be inside of the Star Wars ride!

Question: When is Disney World the least crowded.

Answer: Although I am tempted to say never there are still two months a year where the crowds are less, September and January. Both of these months tend to experience lower crowd levels.

Question: Does Disney have a water park?

Yes – Disney has two water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. They are both fantastic!

Pack light; you will most likely have to get a locker when you get there. Keep in mind, sunscreen is a must!

Question: When is the coolest time of year to visit?

Winter! To beat the heat and long lines try to go off-season. That may be hard with school aged children, but if you can go in December or January the temperatures will be much cooler. If you cannot pull them out of school, there are other ways to avoid the heat. There are many indoor, AIR CONDITIONED shows and rides. Try these for a break from the heat and eat a lot of ice cream. 

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Random things you might need to know regarding Disney World!

Is there are a car rental location at Disney World?

Yes, there are lots. Alamo and National are the two found at the Disney Transportation Center. See my car rental tips to save money on car rentals. Pick up and return your National or Alamo rental car at the Car Care Center, located near Magic Kingdom park. There is a complimentary shuttle that runs between your Resort to the Car Care Center.

Can you trade pins if they are not Disney pins?

The pins have to be Disney pins. For everything you need to know about pin trading, check out our post Disney Pin Trading 101!

Question: Does Disney World offer babysitting?

Yes – Disney has babysitting and child care services, so take advantage. Not everyday, but it would be nice to have a parents night out. Disney is home to many top-notch restaurants. Have a romantic dinner without having to worry about the kids.

Luggage Questions

Question: We are arriving early. What do we do with our luggage? 
Go ahead and leave your luggage with the hotel they will deliver it to your room when your room is ready.
Question: We are switching hotels, will the hotel transfer our luggage? 
If you are switching between one Disney hotel to another Disney hotel they will transfer your luggage for you. You do not have to move it yourself.

Do you have a question about Disney World and can’t find an answer? Please leave your question in the comment and I will answer ASAP!