Gone are the days when traveling with your pet was a life challenge as you may be forced to spend time at roadside motels or stained carpets. The trends have changed these days and even big hotels are providing pet-friendly stays to tourists around the world. Many of these hotels have also developed accessible outdoor spaces where dogs can roam freely. You can also find a dog-friendly bathtub, amenities to feel at home, and a dog-friendly restaurant as well.

Dog-Friendly Hotels in the US

If you are planning your first journey with a pet, you might be a little worried about how to make it memorable and full of fun. Well, if you book a dog-friendly hotel, you can definitely cuddle with your furry companion even in the middle of the night. There are several hotels that are ready to offer incredible vacation experiences to families traveling with pet dogs. Below we have listed a few of them to help you make a decision about your stay during the upcoming holiday season:

Baron’s Cove – NYBaron's Cove

The famous author John Steinbeck spent a long time at this Island retreat and now, the guests that purchase Travels with Charley accommodation package are given a copy of his famous novel that you can read while your puppy is having fun around. The package also includes frisbee, treats, breakfast, and bed for two humans. You should plan your visit during the winter season when this famous Cove in the Sag Harbor stays free from the crowd. There are so many dog-friendly beaches and parks in the surrounding areas where you can spend memorable time with your furry companion. Check current rates

L’Auberge de Sedona – AZL'Aubergede Sedona

Here is another luxurious option which is located in close vicinity to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. It is probably the best choice for those who are interested to explore the national park with their pet. People get attracted towards the Oak Creek-based stunning grounds and Red Rock country in the surroundings. If you buy Red Rocks & Ruff vacation package at this hotel, you will be able to receive a complimentary dog bowl, bed, gift bag, and leash with many other pet products from the local stores. Check current rates. 

Bobby Hotel – TNBobby Hotel

The little mascot at Bobby Hotel, Shasha greets everything in his super-stylish way. This smart dog in the Nashville lobby also assists the hotel to raise funds for the shelters from where she was rescued. This hotel is recommended more for its oversized balconies, easy access to dog-friendly parks, awesome food for pets and humans, and great room service. While staying at this hotel, do not forget to spend some memorable time with your pet on the rooftop lounge where you can sip cocktails while listening to live music. Check current rates

Other than this, you can plan your stay at Dream Hollywood Hotel, Cyprus Inn, or Mandarin Oriental. Make sure you make advance bookings for your dog-friendly hotels in the US to avoid any last-minute rush. The pet-friendly staff and modern-age luxurious facilities at these hotels may make your vacations full of fun.

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