Moving a kiddo into a dorm room can be incredibly challenging. There’s very little space to work with, so you have to think strategically about the must-have items you need to get through the year. I just moved my daughter into the dorms last month, so we are now well-acquainted with many of the best current options. She is at least in a two-person room. Noah somehow ended up in a triple his freshman year, so you can just imagine what that was like. Neither situation is impossible but it definitely took some advanced planning.

The easiest way to maximize space is to buy much smaller versions of the items your college kid uses the most. That’s a recurring theme in this article. Everything is the smallest version without compromising the quality of the item. For example, instead of bringing an iron and an ironing board buy a travel-size steamer instead. You will save a ton of space by forgoing both. They will usually only need to steam one item at a time, so they don’t need a bigger one.

Dorm Room Essentials

Ayla & Co. – VacuumAyla & Co. - Vacuum

Cleaning up after spills and messes is part of life. That doesn’t mean you have to resort to a shop vac or heavy vacuum to get the job done. Instead, use an Ayla Vacuum, a lightweight cordless vacuum that looks like a chic water bottle and easily fits in your bag. It’s so small it takes up little to no space. Price the vacuum now.

LectroFan Micro2 Sound Machine + Bluetooth SpeakerLectroFan Micro2 Sound Machine + Bluetooth Speaker

This thing is tiny, which means it basically takes up no room. It’s smaller than the palm of your hand. Despite its tiny size, it’s got a lot going on. It’s an all-in-one sleep sound machine and portable Bluetooth speaker. Pair it with a smartphone for streaming audio and making calls with the built-in microphone, or select sleep sound mode and enjoy your choice of five digital fan sounds, four variations of white, pink and brown noise, and two ocean surf sounds. Available on Amazon at $34.95.

Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion 

When Noah moved into the dorm there were no chairs, so we had to buy a chair. We of course bought a padded chair. Eden didn’t have this option. Her room came with a wooden chair that we are not allowed to remove. The solution for us was a pad for the chair. Now she can study in comfort with an Everlasting Comfort’s memory foam cushion! This seat cushion is made with pure memory foam to help correct bad posture and alleviate the pain caused by sitting for long periods of time. All cushions mold perfectly to your body to support your body and reduce lower back pain. Perfect for long hours spent studying in your dorm. $49.95 on Amazon.

The Comfy CollegeDorm Room Essentials

Price: $99.99

Eden’s dorm is freezing and they don’t really have a way of controlling the temperature in the room. This is common for most older dorms. So although we couldn’t do much about the temperature, she got a wearable blanket sporting her college to wear over her clothes easily when she is in the room. It is a perfect balance between getting work done and relaxing! The Comfy keeps you warm when lounging on the couch or on the go. With one-size-fits-all, several styles, and a sherpa-lined inside, The Comfy is a must-have for any graduate! Find your team here

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