Dyker Heights Holiday Lights Brooklyn, NY
If you plan on visiting New York City over the holidays, the Dyker Heights 

Holiday Lights are a definite must-see! 

Located in Brooklyn, Dyker Heights is a beautiful residential neighborhood and
these neighbors go all out for the holiday season. I've heard that some of the
residents spend up to $20,000 to have their light displays professionally done!
I've only been once, but rumor has it that they get better and better every year.

Dyker Heights Holiday Lights Brooklyn, NY
A lot of tourists miss out on this holiday treasure because it is lesser known
than your typical NYC holiday adventures or because they don't want to go out to 
Brooklyn. Trust me, it's definitely worth the short trip! It's one of the most
awesome things I've ever seen.

Dyker Heights Holiday Lights Brooklyn, NY
The most amazing displays are located within the blocks of 11th ave to 13th ave and 83rd street to 86th street. The best time to go is at night of course and I would recommend giving yourself a couple of hours to see everything! They start turning the lights out around 9 or 10 so make sure you don't go too late! The nearest train is about a mile away so it's a good idea to drive if you can. The traffic can be a little hectic but it's not too hard to find parking on an off street like 10th ave or even as close as 11th ave. Parking is almost impossible within the streets of the biggest displays! Don't forget to bundle up and bring your camera!
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