Welcome to the East Portland Community Center! As a parent, we know you want what’s best for your child’s future – and the center offers a range of activities and educational opportunities. Whether they love being outdoors, exploring music or art classes, learning new coding skills, or shooting some hoops in our basketball courts – there really is something here for everyone. Their friendly staff are always available to provide help and answer any questions you may have along with way – so let’s get your kids involved today!

East Portland Community Center

East Portland community center is over on 106th near the 205 mall.
I like it for a handful of reasons, but mainly because my kids really liked it. I like the tot play time where the kids get to jump on the trampoline, ride around on toys or in wagons, and play with lots of other toys. It’s super cheap to do one of their drop-in activities.
The East Portland Community Center indoor pool area is fun and cheap. For one adult and three kids, I paid $14.75. The pool had life jackets your kids can use, but my kids found them uncomfortable. I highly recommend bringing your own life jackets. You will also want to bring towels, a lock for your locker, flip-flops, goggles, floaties, and toys.
The large body slide is for riders 48″ and taller. Kids that don’t meet the height requirement can go down in their parent’s lap. A large part of the pool is less than 3 feet deep. Not seen in any of the pictures is the lazy river and whirlpool kids can go around and around. The hot tub is for ages 16 and up. There is a separate pool for swimming laps. It also had a roped-off area for playing water basketball. In the shallow area is a slide for toddlers.
 East Portland Community Center
They offer lots of classes for kids and adults. My friend’s kid is always taking some class there like basketball or karate. I have heard that their swimming lessons are good.
 Their b-day parties are well done and fun.

Overall, the East Portland Community Center is just one of the many great places to enjoy with your family while in Portland. From its outdoor play areas and pools to their wide range of programs and events for kids – there are plenty of activities available for all ages. To make it even better, most activities are at a very low cost and provide an opportunity for families to learn more about different cultures.

So if you’re ever looking for something fun to do during your next stay in Portland, the East Portland Community Center should be on your list! Let us know what you think of your experience in the comments section below or share with us what’s your thing to do in Portland with kids. Who knows – maybe you’ll spark someone else’s ideas for their next Portland adventure?

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