Print our Holiday Packing List just in time for your family getaway this Easter! This checklist makes it easier to stay organized for any vacation!Print our Holiday Packing List just in time for your family getaway this Easter! This checklist makes it easier to stay organized for any vacation!Whether you are planning a short trip to visit family for Easter weekend or a major trip to celebrate, you can pack fairly light. Our Easter Holiday Packing List is a great way to make sure you take everything you need for your next getaway or holiday trip.  I’m a big believer in keeping it to one carry one per person whether you’re flying or driving. Below are some tips for packing lighter and making things a little bit easier on yourself.

Easter Holiday Packing List

Make a list.  Start mentally packing before you even get out your suitcase. Then as the trip gets closer, start making a list of items that you really need. Also, start a list of few things you may need to pick up at your local drug store, like new toiletries. Here is a printable Easter Packing List.Easter Packing List

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B001KYUFOQ&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=mommtrav 20 Wrinkle resistant fabrics. 

Depending on your destination, pack clothing that is easy to roll and to fold compactly. This can help keep your clothes relatively wrinkle free. This can be tricky if you are packing dressier clothes for church or fancy family dinners. Outfits with a higher percentage of polyester wrinkle less in the suitcase. Take a bottle of Downy Wrinkle release with you too.

Stick with like colors. 

This is the hardest part of packing and that is selecting shoes to take with you. If you pack outfits that are similar in color, then you can pack shoes that match and save room. Not only can you cut down on the shoes you take, but this goes for jewelry and makeup too. If you are wearing clothes every day from the same color family then you only need make-up and jewelry that goes with it as well. Take clothes that you can layer and can wear a few times.

Use storage bags

You can’t go wrong with packing some plastic storage bags to keep things organized.  Also, a shower cap makes a great shoe protector and can be packed easily.

No overpacking.

You don’t have to pack everything.  You can always pick up a few items while on your trip that you must have and don’t have room to pack. Remember no matter where you are going there will be a store there.

Pill containers. 

I love using those Monday – Friday pill containers that you can find at your local dollar store to keep my earrings and smaller jewelry secure and organized.  They really come in handy for keeping jewelry free from tangles, and are small enough to fit easily into your purse or bag.

Outfit Ideas

Here in Oregon, we do not have the best weather during the holiday season. More often than not it’s fairly cold and it’s pretty rainy and these factor in heavily to what the kids wear.Edens OshKosh outfit

My daughter does not like to wear dresses when it’s cold and rainy, instead, she prefers to dress up a casual outfit for special occasions. For example, in the photo she is wearing OshKosh B’Gosh jeans and a unicorn t-shirt. On their own, this might be too casual for a holiday event, but when she paired it with fur vest tied shut with a sparkle ribbon it was perfect.

Now you may be wondering how my 13-year-old daughter can still wear clothes from OshKosh B’Gosh. At some point between the last time I shopped there and now they added size 14 to their stores! oshkosh

Jonah hates dressing up, it’s just not his thing. He prefers t-shirts and athletic shorts, but he understands that sometimes he has to dress up slightly. Now the main thing is making sure he is still comfortable because I guarantee you that no matter what kind of holiday event I take him to, he is going to end up playing football. Also, he likes to always have a “jacket” of sorts with him.Jonahs oshkosh outfit

He picked out the two pocket flannel shirt to go under a dressier layering piece, a sweater/fleece shawl collar pullover. I love his whole outfit and he loves being able to take off the pullover when it’s time to play ball.oshkosh

You will notice that both kids’ outfits have common elements. First, both kids can wear part of the outfits for casual every day. Instead of buying an outfit they only wear occasionally I have bought pieces that they will wear all the time like jeans and t-shirts.

Secondly, we dressed up each outfit with a layering piece. I am a big fan of mix and match stuff. They can take these layering pieces and wear them with other outfits.



So, just do a little extra work before heading out on your next adventure and pack light.  Use the printable holiday packing list above to make your next getaway easier to manage.  Having a checklist makes everything easier to organize and helps you make sure you aren’t forgetting something.

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