I broke down and got an Elf on the Shelf.

After years of avoiding the Elf on the Shelf my son’s best friend got one. My son came home talking non stop about the elf. He told me all about it and was so excited that I bit the bullet and got an elf.

We named him Smiley and he’s been quite busy.

If you do not already know the back story, here it is. This is an elf that watches the kids and reports back to Santa if they’ve been good or bad. At night the elf moves around, so each morning it is a surprise as to where the elf is and what it has been doing.

4 Fun and Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Elf on the Shelf pees green!

Elf on the Shelf goes potty

One night our elf went potty and he didn’t flush! This grossed our kids out so bad, but they loved it too. It turns out elf pee is green and there’s some glitter in there too.

Elf on the ShelfAnother night he swiped a helicopter and landed on our fridge. ¬†An elf is able to fly, it says so in the book. So, it is no surprise that he could do this sort of thing. He must have sneaked into Jonah’s room and found the helicopter.

Elf on the Shelf getting into the Christmas lights.One morning we woke up to be greeted by Christmas lights. Our elf had gotten into the garage and gotten out some lights. He was all tangled up in them and he did not clean up his mess.

Then, as you can see from the video the elf got crazy one night. He tied himself up and bungee jumped while throwing pieces of tissue everywhere “making it snow”. He made a mess, but lucky for us it was a small mess.

Elf on the Shelf