Traveling can be fun or boring, depending on how you prepare for it. Often, we have fantasies created in our minds about the experiences we long to have, but when these desires do not get fulfilled due to the lack of proper preparations, it creates disappointments, and things turned out the other way round.

There are essential travel essentials that are necessary if you want to have a smooth journey. Whether you are traveling by land, air, or sea, here are important items that can make you have a good time on your journey.

1. Power strip

This is indispensable and a must to carry while traveling. Power strips are a handy travel accessory if you’re a tech-friendly traveler or a family packing along all of the necessary electronics like phones, tablets, and laptops. The idea behind using it is to help ensure that everyone’s devices are charged and ready to go for the next adventure. Many of such accessories these days require constant charging. From laptops to tablets and phones to watches, they all need to be plugged in at some point. As a result, a good power strip is inevitable on every journey. 

There aren’t always enough plugs to take care of everyone’s gadgets. This is true for trips to Europe because the hotel rooms do have limited outlets. As a result, a power trip is essential to have a good journey. You plug it in and have enough space to power your device. Power strips come with four or five outlets, which gives users enough space to power almost all their gadgets simultaneously. 


2. Portable Surge protector 

The last thing you want to worry about is your electronics blowing up from an electrical surge when on a trip. You might be able to manage this when in the comfort of your home, but while away from home, this can be devastating and frustrating. An excellent travel surge protector has a high joule rating, plenty of international adapters, and multiple sockets.

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Sometimes it can be tiring picking from different technical specs for products like surge protectors. Here are the factors that should guide your selection.

The amount of energy that can pass through the surge protector successfully

You need a surge protector that can take in a higher amount of energy to protect your device. The more power that the protector can absorb, the safer your gadgets.

How Voltage amount that triggers the surge protector

The clamping voltage of a device is the maximum amount of volts that can pass through a surge protector to a device without hurting it and the device. 

Safety and Efficiency Certifications

Any surge protector that meets UL 1449 standards is known to protect your devices safely. Other certifications can meet safety (ETL Listings) and energy-saving measures.


This category is based on the different needs of travelers, so whether you’re stuck at an airport or have several USB devices that need charging, we’ve looked at the convenience of all of our picks.

Surge protectors are not just bulkier power strips with more outlets but essential accessories for every home. Their ability to absorb power surges and surplus voltage ensures that your expensive electronics remain out of harm’s way.


3. Headphones 

Traveling can be tedious, especially without good music or headphones. Especially if you will be flying, traveling on transport, or want to kick back and relax. With your music, you can relax while on a trip, which helps beat stress. One of the best types of headphones you can get for an enjoyable experience is noise-canceling headphones that allow you to block off every unnecessary noise. 

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While traveling, it is vital to have a way to tune out the unnecessary noise of other passengers. Although Bluetooth headphones are usually the most convenient pick, wired headphones allow you to take advantage of in-flight seatback entertainment, making them a solid choice for long flights.


4. Travel Wallet

An avid traveler must have a good wallet to keep your cards and passes organized to avoid misplacing important documents or cards. There are two essential qualities a travel wallet must possess, which are capacity and security. Many people want something that will fit their bills, documents, cards, passport, and passes neatly.

Travel wallets can secure your items in two ways. For safety, travelers often prefer a wallet with a closure or zipper to keep their belongings safe. Many will even select a product with a necklace or hip belt. In terms of non-physical security, most wallets will have an RFID blocking lining to protect your data from electronic pickpocketing. 


5. Water Bottle

Carrying a water bottle while you travel is a must. Flying and traveling in different climates can quickly dehydrate you. Keeping a water bottle on hand to keep refueled will make sure you do not end up dehydrated. 


6. Waterproof itemsMarmot Women's Precip Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket

Waterproof items are essential for a smooth journey as you may desire to walk around and enjoy nature or your traveling falls in a rainy period. It would help if you traveled with the following items for a fantastic traveling experience.

  • Waterproof jackets
  • Headwear
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Waterproof watch
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Aside from waterproof materials, you may also need to get weather-dependent materials like an umbrella, sunglasses.


The level of fun you will get on a trip is tied to your preparation. You can have a good time on your journey, provided you planned and packed essentials. While you might need way more than these, the list of recommended requirements is essential to having a stress-free journey. 

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