Fairmont Singapore is a family-friendly, 5-star luxury hotel near Raffles City. Find out why your family might want to stay here.Fairmont Singapore swimming pool

We flew to Singapore just to get to Thailand because that was as close as we could get on Delta airlines. The kids have flight benefits on Delta, so whenever possible we fly Delta. I knew nothing about Singapore when I started planning this trip, but I knew we would need some sleep badly after flying over 17 hours to get there. I knew where ever we stayed needed to be somewhere we could get some sleep and that’s how we ended up at Fairmont Singapore.

Fairmont Singapore

Fairmont Singapore is a luxury, 5-star hotel near Raffles City. We had to get two rooms because we had 5 in our group. Which means staying here cost me $$$. If you can manage to get your people into one room stay here, if you have to get two rooms I would look elsewhere. img 8163Overall, we had a great stay here. We got in around 1 AM and were totally beat. We went right to sleep. Unlike a lot of hotels, there was no noise. No one woke us up from the hallway and that was a big deal to us considering how extremely jet-lagged we were. I think it is because of the circular layout in the tower we stayed in. Both of our rooms were large and we had plenty of room to spread out.

I felt totally safe staying here. I travel a lot as you know with my kids and sometimes I can feel a little uncomfortable. The entire time we stayed here I felt safe. It was no issue that I was a single mom traveling with my kids.

In fact, I felt so safe that I left my kids in the room and went to the hotel across the street for a cocktail. This hotel is directly across the street from Raffles Singapore hotel. It was over at the Raffles hotel bar that the Singapore Sling was invented sometime before 1915 by Ngiam Tong Boon, a Hainanese bartender working at the Long Bar inside the hotel. Needless to say, I went over and tried one, it is a gin-based cocktail. It was great and now I can say I have had one. Before you head there to do the same, know that they are $26 USD each.

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After we had Singapore Slings we walked back over to the Fairmont and went to the bar there in the lobby. Drinks were about $10 cheaper here than at Raffles. The hotel bar, Anti:dote is nice and their cocktail menu was awesome. Anti:dote an awesome cocktail bar at Fairmont Singapore

But enough about cocktails! Let’s go back to hotel details.

I enjoyed having a balcony. Our view was not the best, but it certainly wasn’t a bad view. The architecture in Singapore is incredible.

The location seemed good to me too. I am not familiar enough with Singapore to decide whether or not the location was good, but it was close to the MRT (the subway) and connected to a mall.  We could get anywhere on the MRT, so having one nearby is a huge plus. When we left, we were able to take the MRT to the airport.

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I have to mention the main hangup I had here other than the price, the electricity. I have several adapters/convertors and I more or less successfully used them. However, when I used one of the plugins at the desk it didn’t work. For whatever reason, the electricity came in way too strong. I didn’t realize it and I burnt my hair off with my curling iron. I have never burnt my hair before and have used my curling iron is 18 other countries. So, I feel like the issue was with the power strip thing located inside the desk. Do not use any of those outlets! And just so you know, burnt hair smells awful.Fairmont Singapore

Things I liked about Fairmont Singapore

  • Childcare (for a fee)
  • On-site restaurants (6 of them!)
  • English speaking staff
  • Tennis courts
  • Swimming pools
  • Poolside bar
  • Felt safe
  • NESPRESSO coffee machine in the room (This was my first encounter with a Nespresso machine. It was love at first sight.)

Things I did not like about Fairmont Singapore

  • Having to get two rooms
  • The electricity
  • Wifi costs extra

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Fairmont Singapore is a family-friendly luxury hotel in Singapore