When your kids are still young, choosing a destination that they will love is easy. But now that your children are in their teen years, deciding which destinations to visit for your next family holiday can be a challenge. Teens no longer want to explore Disneyland or spend time at zoos or parks. Instead, they would prefer to visit places that will allow them to experience new and exciting activities. 

If you’re not sure where to go on your next family getaway, check out these family adventures designed for parents with teenagers.

The Highlands

Wild Camp in the Remote Highlands

Wild Camp in the Remote Highlands

Famous for its whisky and world-class golf courses, Scotland has not been renowned for being the most child-friendly destination in Europe. Still, there are several attractions and activities in Scotland that families with teens can enjoy, especially in the Highlands. Perhaps, the main concern with exploring the Highlands with your teens is managing your schedule. Active teens generally delight in spending longer time outdoors, taking up as many activities as possible. When it comes to this, why don’t you try camping instead?


The Highlands boasts dramatic mountain views, breathtaking valleys, and mysterious lochs. All these have made camping in the Highlands one of the most popular activities for families, especially those with teens. You will find lots of stunning camping in the north of Highlands, and glamping sites in the region, including wild camping options. If you want to camp in the woodlands, check out the Ace Hideaways in Inverness-shire, where you will be sleeping in serenity in the middle of a forest.


There are plenty of activities at the campsite to keep everyone entertained. Here, you and your kids can go canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and even cliff-jumping. There are also plenty of attractions to explore nearby. Walk for about two miles to get to the Steading Visitor Centre to get information about the area’s wildlife.

Goa Goa India

If you prefer a relaxing holiday by the beach at some exotic destinations, take your kids to India and head to Goa. This small Indian state lies along the western part of the country, with coastlines stretching towards the Arabian Sea. Its long history as a Portuguese colony is evident in the various old churches dotting the area. 

Aside from its colourful history, another thing that made Goa popular among tourists is its vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches, which your teens will surely love. Of course, parents get to enjoy these things as well. Most of the party places in Goa are centred around the North. Baga Beach is famous for its nightlife along Tito’s Lane. But if you venture even further, you’ll find several beach shacks and bars that serve refreshing cocktail drinks. 

When going out and about in Goa, it’s worth knowing some information about the tipping policies of India. Take note that tipping is a personal choice. If you find that the service is excellent, go ahead and give a tip. But do not be pressured into giving one if you feel like you are not happy with the service you have received. 

6 Must Visit Places in India for Kids

Krka Waterfalls National Park Krka Waterfalls National Park 

The incredible nature and stunning scenery of Krka National Park make it a must-visit for family travel to Croatia, especially if you have active teens who are fond of outdoor adventures. Lying along Krka River, the park’s stunning waterfalls attract thousands of visitors each year, although there’s now a limit of up to 10,000 visitors at a time to preserve its natural beauty. Although most people will only come here to swim at the majestic waterfalls, there are several attractions within the park that you and your kids will love to explore. 

Consider taking a private family tour of the park to ensure that you will see as many attractions as possible. The park is massive, so taking a private tour is an easier and quicker way to discover many things, especially if your time is limited. But if you have the luxury of time, you can go hiking through the various trails within the park.

Due to the limited number of visitors allowed into Krka National Park, it’s highly recommended that you book your visit as early as possible. Also, try to arrive early at the park if you want to enjoy it without the crowds.

Machu Picchu Best Things to Do with Kids in Peru

If you have kids who love to trek, why don’t you take them to Peru to discover the wondrous mystery behind the Sacred Valley of Machu Picchu? Every year, millions of visitors would head to Peru to visit the mysterious Incan citadel and enjoy the epic views from above. While it’s possible to take the train to get to Machu Picchu, trekking is an excellent option for active families. 

Thousands of people would hike to Machu Picchu each year, and the most famous route is along a section in one of the Incan roads. Several tour operators offer trekking packages for families wanting to trek to Machu Picchu. There are also other hiking alternatives for those who prefer a less crowded experience. For instance, you can hike around the massive Salkantay Mountain. At 20,569 feet, it’s one of the most impressive peaks along the Peruvian Andes. Depending on how adventurous you and your kids are, check out other unusual family holidays when conquering the Inca trail.  

Best Things to Do with Kids in Peru

Borneo Barito Borneo

Another destination for families who love to go on unusual adventures is Borneo, the largest island in Asia. Sitting between Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei, the island is home to a wide array of wildlife and has a diverse landscape and rich cultural heritage. The best way to explore Borneo is to do a jungle trek to see the Orangutans up-close in their natural habitat.

Your jungle tour of Borneo will include a visit to the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, which aims to rehabilitate orphaned orangutans. The population of the Bornean orangutans has declined to more than fifty per cent in the past years, and their habitat has significantly decreased as well. Visiting the rehabilitation centre is a great way to learn more about these incredible species and the various efforts to rehabilitate them.

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