family by SygicHave you entered the phase of life where your children have phones? We crossed that milestone many months ago. I like the kids having phones so I can contact them at any time. Unfortunately sometimes they don’t pick up, like a few weeks ago when my son didn’t get off the bus. I called his phone, no answer. I called the school, they put me on hold. If I had a tracker on his phone I could have immediately located him. Instead of panic and worry, I would have realized he was around the corner. He was goofing off and didn’t get off until two bus stops later.

So, now you can imagine my delight when I was selected as an ambassador for Family by Sygic. I finally got to have my peace of mind back!

  • Family by Sygic is the family locator, children safety and emergency alerts app awarded by the largest parent-testing community Parent Tested Parent Approved.


  •  Family by Sygic is Sygic’s latest app for families and with a touch of a button you can see where every member of your family is in real time.


  • You can even set up zones, safe zones and unsafe zones. If your child goes into an unsafe zone you will receive an alert.

 Right now for a limited time the app is free. They have an app for iPhone and for Android.

family by Sygic

On Android, the app will have over 111 maps  of Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Africa to choose from. An  $89.99 value!

On iPhone, the Sygic GPS Navigation app will have maps of North America  and  an additional app with maps of Europe a value of $79.99
These are fantastic apps to have, especially when traveling to different parts of the world. I know this for a fact, because I’ve gotten lost in Barcelona, Rome, Scotland, Ireland, and pretty much everywhere else I’ve been! It’s always best to have a gps when traveling.

As a Brand Ambassador with PTPA and Sygic, I received compensation for my participation. However, all opinions expressed on this blog are my very own.