Prague is often considered to be synonymous with stag dos, hen parties and “lads” holidays. However, it’s actually also a fantastic place for a family vacation as there’s so much to see and do, delicious food to be eaten and incredible parks and playgrounds to enjoy.

There are so many things to do in Prague for the whole family; whether your dad is all about seeing the vast number of museums, or your children are fascinated with everything railway related, there’s something for everything to do and enjoy!

What to do in Prague

Prague is known as the city of a thousand spires and is world-renowned for its stunning architecture and archaic cathedrals and churches. Alongside all the wonderful history and spectacular buildings, there are also plenty of activities to take part in for the whole family.

Prague Zootomas listiak 29689 unsplash

Prague Zoo has been open to the public for almost 90 years now, and was originally intended to advance, protect and educate the public on all zoology and wildlife matters.

It’s the perfect family day out while in Prague as the kids are sure to enjoy over 50 hectares worth of wildlife exhibits such as frolicking with lions, learning from elephants and interacting with gorillas. There are over 150 exhibits to indulge in at Prague Zoo, which is sure to keep everyone entertained for hours on end!

With over 684 different species within Prague Zoo, your children are sure to find an animal that they love; Prague Zoo really is one of the best things to see and do on a family vacation to Prague.

Ride the trams

While this might not be considered to be an attraction, riding the trams around Prague’s city center and beyond is an incredibly popular thing to do while in the Czech capital.

Prague is home to more than 500km of tram tracks in and around the city, and many of the routes are specifically designed for tourists who just want to hop on and ride around exploring the city!

Public transport is also incredibly affordable in Prague, so you can rest-assured that you won’t spend a fortune on getting around the city.


Prague Dinopark

Prague Dinopark image from Wikipedia

Perched upon the roof of the Harfa Gallery shopping center, the DinoPark offers a truly unique experience for the whole family.

Here you can see to-scale life-sized dinosaurs, marvel at the wonderful exhibitions and take part in many of the park’s attractions.

There’s a 4D cinema to enjoy, as well as a paleontological playground and souvenir shops fully equipped with wonderful dinosaur gifts. 

Prague CastlePrague Castle

Prague Castle is the largest castle complex in the whole world – spanning over 70,000m²! The whole family will love an excursion out to the castle as it’s such a wonder to behold.

Everyone is sure to enjoy wandering through the streets of Mala Strana to get to the top of the castle complex, watching the Changing of the Guard, which is an incredible and official event as well as marveling at all the spectacular churches and buildings.

It’s free to wander around most of the castle complex, but you can queue and pay to go inside some of the churches that are set upon the top of the hill.

Visit Hamleys

It may seem odd to have included Hamleys in this list of things to do on a family vacation to Prague, especially when Hamleys is usually synonymous with London.

However, the store in Prague is a totally unique and truly wonderful experience to be enjoyed by the whole family. Here you’ll find a number of attractions within the store, including a two-story-high giant snake slide (that both adults and children can enjoy!) and an enormous merry-go-round complete with theatrical lighting and music.

Hamleys is a great way to spend an hour or two while in Prague as a family.

Where to eat in Prague

Prague’s food scene is well known and loved all around the world. From the plethora of meat dishes, soups, strudel and trdelníks, you’re never going to be short of things to eat in Prague!

Captain Candy

There are four Captain Candy sweet stores to choose from in Prague, so you’re sure to never be too far away from one!

Here you’ll find an eclectic mixture of giant sweets, from jelly beans to sour dummies to giant strawberries and bananas; the whole family is sure to delight in a visit to Captain Candy’s! 


Výtopna is definitely one of the most wonderfully unique places to visit as a family in Prague.

It’s a restaurant that uses a modern railway set service whereby drinks are transported to each customer’s table via the train set.

It’s such a weird and wonderful experience, and even if you don’t decide to actually eat there, it’s still worth popping in and grabbing a table to enjoy a drink so you can luxuriate in the authenticity of a model train delivering your drink to you!


While in Prague it’s pretty much imperative that you should eat at least one Trdelník during your visit. They’re a type of spit cake that’s made from rolled dough, wrapped around a stick and then grilled and topped with sugar.

They’re a deliciously decadent dessert or snack that is sure to be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike and you can add your own toppings, fillings, and flavorings such as melted chocolate and ice cream to make it entirely your own!

Vinohradský Parliament

This is yet another restaurant that has a unique and enigmatic feel to it. You’ll find traditional and local Czech dishes to devour at Vinohradský Parliament, as well as a play area that’ll keep younger children entertained while you tuck into traditional Czech classics such as wild boar and potato salad!

Prague is such a vibrant and exciting city, with plenty to do for the whole family. Whether you’re looking for the best Czech dishes to tuck into, a restaurant that serves you drinks via a modern railway set, or you’d like to venture back in time to Prague castle, this beloved European city is sure to have something for everyone.

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