Looking for something fun to do with your family? Getaways are always a great treat. Seeing the world, learning something new – it draws families closer and builds memories that your children will tell their children. There are many places in the United States that you can take an excursion to, whether driving for a short trip, renting an RV and driving cross-country, or flying for a weekend stay.

5 Great American Family-Friendly Getaways

The sights and sounds of the United States are varied and dynamic. Our rich history, local specialties, and down home charm are sure to keep even the most seasoned travel guessing what’s next. Here are some ideas for family friendly getaways right here in the United States:

Yellowstone Parkwaterfall in Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park is the very first national park in the United States. With 2,219,789 acres to explore, you could easily spend days seeing the incredible natural displays. The wildlife alone will captivate you: several species of bear, elk, bison, and wolf call this park home. Waterfalls and hot springs are abundant in Yellowstone Park. Grand Prismatic, the third largest hot spring in the world, is particularly interesting because of its coloration, which mirrors that of a rainbow.

Perhaps the biggest attraction at Yellowstone Park is the geysers. With 6 grand geysers that shoot water up to 100 feet in the air, it is easy to see why these are one of the most visited thermal features at the park. Old Faithful, the most famous geyser at Yellowstone, erupts every 45-90 minutes.

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Washington D.C.George Washington monument in DC

Museums, theater, art galleries, monuments, restaurants… the list goes on and on. Our nation’s capital offers something for everyone. Immerse yourself in history or take a scenic walk by the tidal basin. Revel in the beauty of the city’s architecture or enjoy one of the trendy restaurants that line downtown. Whatever you fancy, Washington DC can provide it in abundance.

San FranciscoSan Francisco

From cable cars to Alcatraz, San Francisco offers unique attractions that you won’t see together anywhere else in the world. Bustling Pier 39, cobblestone roads, and some of the steepest streets in the United States round out the San Francisco experience. Take a tour of Alcatraz, where hardened criminals like Al Capone were housed, or ride a cable car just like the ones that were in operation in the late 1800s. Interact with history.

Turner Falls

Chickasaw County, OK has something to offer every type of traveler. Outdoor activities abound, as do indoor recreation centers for family fun. Perhaps the most scenic of all attractions in Chickasaw County is Turner Falls. The water feeding into the falls forms Honey Creek just before dropping 77 feet to a natural pool. As the state’s oldest park, Turner Falls has served as a family gathering location since 1868.

The ArchesArches-National-Park

Natural wonders like you have never seen before fill this national park. With over 2,000 arches and countless other rock formations, this national park is a wonder to behold. Beautiful colors surround you as you feast your eyes rock that has been in place for thousands of years.

There are many hours to be spent traveling in the Unites States. Whether touching rock that dinosaurs saw around them, swimming in natural springs, or celebrating technology in one of the world’s cultural epicenters, treating your family to a getaway should be on your bucket list.

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Guest author: As a mom of 3 young boys, Shelley Warner enjoys finding fun family friendly vacations to go on annually.