When it comes to taking a break with the family, a fair bit of planning and preparation is usually required. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that families can’t take advantage of a last minute holiday.

In fact, holding your nerve and booking just a few weeks or days in advance gives you the opportunity to experience a completely new kind of holiday, which could include one of these five awesome ideas.


If you’re worried about getting stressed over a last minute deal, then pick a cruise ship holiday. Once you’ve booked your ticket, everything will be taken care of, from accommodation and entertainment to food and drink.

Itineraries are on offer all over the world, but the most popular regions tend to be the culture-packed Mediterranean and the sun-drenched Caribbean. To save money, consider booking a family room with pull-out sofas or pull-down bunk beds instead of two separate cabins.

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This is another option that has the potential to be incredibly affordable without compromising your family’s overall experience. Animal-obsessed kids can see their favorite creatures in real life but also learn a lot about the great outdoors too.

The vast majority of Europe loves this kind of holiday and you will find countless campsites with impressive facilities scattered across the United States, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Instead of buying a load of camping gear, it might be cheaper and easier to book a fully equipped cabin.

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At the other end of the getting-closer-to-nature scale is a safari holiday. Normally, this type of getaway is way over most people’s budget, but find a last-minute deal and the whole family can catch a glimpse of some awe-inspiring animals.

As you would expect, most safari holidays are in Africa, but it is possible to see jaguars in Costa Rica and tigers in India. However, make sure that you haven’t missed the cut-off for any essential vaccinations, which are often highly recommended in certain rural areas.

Amusement ParksIsland's of Adventure

To cater for kids with bundles of energy and enthusiasm, consider going on an amusement holiday. For example, the theme parks and movie studios of Florida are bound to satisfy restless children but also wear them out enough to sleep at night.

See if you can find any promotions or special offers online and ask whether a discount is available when booking in advance. This might enable you to jump the queue for the most popular rides and attractions too.

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Last but not least, a chilled out beach retreat will enable you to relax and unwind without a care in the world. Meanwhile, kids can either splash around in the sea or build great big sandcastles.

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Across Europe and parts of Asia, all-inclusive deals provide superb value for money. Family-friendly resorts will usually have a kids club too, allowing you and your partner to spend some quality alone time together.

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But the only way you can capitalise on these last minute ideas is to get busy looking and booking today.