We flew Pegasus air for the first time and to say I was a little confused is an understatement. I looked and looked online for the answers I needed and couldn’t find answers. I am creating this post because I know I cannot be the only one trying to figure this out. I hope it helps!

Flying Pegasus Airlines FAQs

Will it save time to check in online?

Yes, it will. We were able to get into a line to drop our bags that only those that checked in online could get in. I don’t know why, but almost no one did this ahead of time, based on the other lines I saw. I should mention that because we were Americans the staff that went around telling passengers there was a shorter line never spoke to us. I just happened to over hear her. I did try to ask just to make sure before switching lines but she ignored me. So, just be on the lookout!

Can you check a bag?

Yes, you can. Our ticket allowed for one bag each up to 20 kilos aka 45 lbs. But I couldn’t figure out if it was checked or carry-on. It meant checked. And it turns out it wasn’t just one bag. It was just weight. We checked four bags but had we had 8 bags to check that all came in under our allotted weight amount we could have checked those too! Seems odd to me, but I was just happy to not end up paying any fees. 
 Can you check a bag on Pegasus Air

Do you have to check a bag?

Depending on the size of your suitcase you will have to. They were not allowing any carry-on sized bags. But since being able to check a bag is probably already included in your ticket it won’t matter. We were allowed to take on our backpacks and purses. But you couldn’t have a purse and a backpack. You were only allowed one item and they were extremely strict about this. 
 Pegasus Airlines cabin baggage rules

Should I purchase a seat?

No. From what I could tell, all seats were exactly the same. I didn’t purchase seats and when I checked in we were assigned seats altogether. And no, it wasn’t because I had minors with me. My oldest two kids are now adults, so I would say it’s super easy to be seated together. 

Should I purchase a meal?

Sure, it looked decent. It’s cheaper if you purchased it when buying your ticket or when checking in. You could purchase a meal onboard as well. 

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